Best Drone Under 100: Top 6 Quadcopter Under Budget

best drone under 100

Best Drone Under 100 Review and Comparison

As technology is expanding day by day and the features which used to come only with expensive quad-copter drones, now available in the inexpensive drones too, even small mini rc racing drones are having gps, fpv, wifi and hd professional camera for capturing high quality images and hd videos.

Best drone under 100 dollars are available in the market, you can play indoor, outdoor, they are foldable, so, you can put in the pocket by folding them, but, With so many drone choices out there it can be confusing for beginners to know where to buy best drone under few bucks.

In this article we selected the 7 best drones under $100

Keep reading to find our top pick!

Best Drone Under 100: Top 6 Quadcopter Under Budget!

Adsvtech WiFi FPV RC Drone with Double 1080 HD Camera


Adsvtech is the most affordable drone in our list. It has many great features which related to costly drones only.

Adsvtech has two integrated 1080p HD cameras, so, you can capture high quality video and aerial photographs easily. You can choose which camera (front or bottom) to use while flying.

The battery is recharged by a USB connection, so you can charge your battery directly with a mobile charger, your computer or even with a power bank.

Thanks to its integrated barometric sensor, the drone knows every moment of its height. This function plays a very important role to achieve stable flight and make your aerial photos very clear.

By pressing a button, the drone will fly or land without problems, in a smooth and controlled manner, thus avoiding frightening accidents that can damage the device.

It has 3 speed modes, whether you want to start handling drones, or if you are an expert, this drone will live up to all situations.

With intelligent image / video tracking, you can make drones follow you independently, allowing you to record and take photos without having to control the drone directly.

Motion photography will allow you to take selfies in the reach of very few people.

If you are looking for a great gift for a birthday or festival, this Adsvtech drone kit will be the perfect gift.

It includes everything you need to fly and enjoy adventure.


  • 13 minutes flying time
  • Using the FP-WiFi system, you can control the drone directly with your cellphone, and also see in real time what your camera is seeing
  • Drive your drone like a real pilot and feel the freedom to fly like a bird watching everything in real time
  • Integrated with an advanced dual 1080P HD camera, the drone easily switches the camera to find the ideal angle, capturing your perfect vacation moments from any perspective
  • Headless, Altitude Hold, and One-Off and Landing Mode modes for easier operation, you don’t need to worry about operation and by pressing one button, your drone will rise to altitude or ground, perfect for beginners
  • Automatically identifies objects, automatically adjusts tracking parameters. Signal and video photography can be taken with motion
  • The aircraft automatically recognizes portraits to give you a good view in a second
  • In the Trajectory Flight function, you can draw a route, so the drone will fly according to your drawing route


  • People generally demands for more flying time

SNAPTAIN S5C WiFi FPV Drone With 720 Pixel HD Camera – Editor’s Choice


You can enjoy live video with the first person in person. Put your cellphone in VR glasses (optional), providing extraordinary visual fidelity and an amazing 3D experience.

The built-in 6-axis gyroscope holds the height and position of the aircraft, making video shooting and taking photos more stable.

The Snaptain Era application has voice control, gravity control, 3D-VR and flight tracking, etc.

Four anti-collision barriers make the drone strong enough to fall, especially in the four corners where the propeller is located, where it is considered fragile.


  • 16 Mins Flying Time
  • Recharging time around 60 mins
  • Smart voice control, headless mode and attractive 360 ​​° Flips & Rolls
  • SNAPTAIN S5C provides video transmission in distances up to 80m
  • Edit and upload your video instantly on social networks via iPhone
  • Propeller protection to ensure safe flight
  • High quality ABS material to release your worries from sudden or falling blows
  • The altitude retention function ensures the overpass is stable in the air at a certain height
  • Extraordinary aerial photos and videos
  • The built-in G sensor is designed to control the drone by adjusting the vertical and horizontal position of your smartphone


  • Camera quality is very good but not Extra ordinary

SIMREX X900 Drone RC Quadcopter with 1080P HD Camera

best drone for 100 dollars

The combination of optical flow positioning and ultrasonic altitude determination makes Simrex X900 drone move accurately and fly in a safer and more stable way.

The optical flow position and altitude retention allow the quadcopter to float in the indicated position without control. You can even fly easily indoors. The best option for beginner learning.

The folding design and flexible blades make the drone small and portable, allows you to travel with it.

The SIMREX dual control drone (mobile phone and remote control) can also be controlled remotely using a mobile phone OR remote control.


  • Range: about 80-120 meters
  • Flight time: about 12-15 minutes
  • Charging time: approximately 90 minutes
  • 110° wide angle high resolution 1920 x 1080  professional FPV camera
  • 360° somersaults and rolls
  • It can be used with VR glasses to experience the sensation of flight speed (VR glasses are not included in the product)
  • Multiple control methods, like, Direct phone, Joystick, Transmitter control with transmission (compatible with Apple IOS / Android phones) with built-in gravity sensor
  • Take control quickly and easily with one-touch takeoff and landing, perfect for beginners
  • Hold Altitude You can release the accelerator and the drone will maintain the current height
  • With headless security mode, The pilot can fly the drone to anywhere without worrying about the direction the drone faces, it Helps beginner to avoid losing the address
  • Can take it anywhere due to its folding design with size 130 × 90 × 45 mm


  • None

SNAPTAIN SP660 FPV RC Drone With 720p HD Camera

SNAPTAIN SP660 drone comes with two high capacity batteries extending flight time up to 40 minutes.

Always ready for adventure and travel further.

Its gesture “V-sign” take to take a photo after 3 seconds of countdown, With a “High Five” gesture to start recording video and a “High Five” gesture ends again and saves the video.

SNAPTAIN cares about your problem and is equipped with SP660 with a rechargeable remote and a USB charger. There is no need for an additional battery and it is only charged by a USB charger.

Control SNAPTAIN SP660 smart drones through an App called Snaptain Era (Android / iOS compatible).

Its amazing appearance with cool LED lights makes the SP660 RC drone stand apart.


  • Comes with 2 batteries, Flying Time is around 40 minutes with both batteries.
  • Remote control charging time is 45 minutes
  • Single battery charging time is around 180 minutes
  • Maximum flight relative height is about 30 meters
  • Comes with replacement parts (check details pls)
  • 720P HD WIFI camera captures unforgettable moments
  • Altitude hold helps shoot like a pro with clear photos and more stable videos
  • Real-time transmission allows faster, smoother FPV display
  • SNAPTAIN SP660 FPV RC Quadcopter follows your voice and movements
  • You can set 6 voice commands for functions, like start, stop, take photos etc
  • Rechargeable remotes are definitely the Ideal drone accompaniment, There is no need for an extra battery and it is only charged by a USB charger
  • Control SNAPTAIN SP660 smart drone via an App called Snaptain Era (Android / iOS compatible)
  • Draw a path on the application interface and the SP660 drone will fly flowing in the path you designed
  • The G-sensor allows you to control the drone by tilting your mobile device
  • More functions such as 3D flipping, headless mode and 3 variable speeds, enjoy yourself to the fullest!


  • None

ATOYX Drones For Adults With 1080p HD Camera

ATOYX is a professional brand that designs and manufactures drones quadcopter.

ATOYX drones are not only durable, multi-functional, but also easy to use and fun, ideal for children, adults and novice.

GPS mode provides accurate positioning and prevents the loss of a drone. The drone can be launched manually to fly back to the starting point by pressing the return button with one key on the remote control or in the application.

When the drone’s charge level drops to a certain level, the drone will automatically return to its starting point. This mode returns your drone back to Home Point if it has lost a signal when connected to the remote control.


  • 10-12 minutes flying time
  • Around 60 minutes charging time
  • 164 ft first person view (fpv) distance
  • About 200 ft control distance
  • Improved 5G real-time transmission, which provides faster and smoother image transmission without delay or video delay
  • SMART 1080P HD Camera, A sophisticated 120° FOV camera (field of view) captures high quality videos and images
  • The 5GHz WiFi transmission ensures high-speed real-time picture
  • GPS positioning locates your drone more accurately and return the drone with just one button, It can also automatically turn home when there is little battery or signal loss in GPS mode
  • Follow Me Mode and Dual GPS release your hands, the ATOYX mini drone automatically follows you and captures all videos and photos at the same time
  • This drone can connect your phone through APP (Andriod or iOS), not only for real-time video recording, photo transfer, but also remote control phone management
  • Headless mode, altitude storage, take-off and desire for contact, and incredible 360​​° 3D rotational performance, suitable for pilots (adult, beginner or experienced pilot)


  • 10-12 minutes flight time is not enough for some people

SNAPTAIN A15 Foldable Drone With Voice Control FPV WIFI

The powerful air pressure altitude retention function can precisely block height and location. It is easy for you to take quality images or videos.

Fly the drone at a height of more than 2 meters, press the 3D Flip button and move the right control lever to flip the drone 360 ​° accordingly, it provides an aerial stunt show.

The gravity sensor mode allows the quadcopter to follow the direction in which your smartphone moves.

Put your phone in virtual reality glasses (not included), it provides incredible visual fidelity and an exceptional 3D experience. You can enjoy the first-person live video viewing in real time directly with it.

Take control quickly and easily with a key takeoff and landing, perfect for beginners.

Also built with the One Key Return Home function, the drone could fly back to the transmitter address.

The drone flies in any direction in the headless mode that makes this drone more suitable for children and beginners.

The Snaptain Air application has voice control, gravity control, 3D-VR and flight path, etc.

Folding and flexible blades make the drone small and portable, allow you to travel light and enjoy the fun of flying.


  • About 15 Min Flying Time
  • Around 90 Min Charging Time
  • Extra Blades and Screws Kit
  • HD images and videos with 720p FPV Camera
  • Control your hands-free drone with simple voice commands such as “take off”, “land”, “left”, “right”, “forward”, “backward”
  • Draw a route in the interface of your application, and the drone will fly following the corresponding route, which is the newest technology
  • Altitude retention mode, gravity sensor mode, 360° turns and turns, headless mode, 2 modular batteries can withstand longer flight time


  • Camera is good but not extra ordinary

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