Best Drones With Camera for Beginners and Professionals

Best drones with camera are distinct from their recreational counterparts in a huge number of ways. Larger, stronger, faster and fully capable of high-performance tasks.

Drones are marketed to consumers seeking greater benefit from their business operations and management.

Professional drones are heavy-duty machinery parts that are equipped with an arsenal of performance accessories to result in a multi functional tool that is easily capable of taking a remarkable range of tasks.

With longer flight times, extended range, range increases, and a host of safety features, best drones are complete and ready to use for almost any type of application.

Consumers can opt for many high-end features and accessories to customize a drone to their very specific needs.

If you are interested to read the comparison of best drones with camera, read below to discover valuable information on the top 10 models.

Best Drones With Camera For Beginners and Professionals on a Budget!

Syma X5C Drone With HD Camera

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Key Features

The Syma Toys is one of the world’s most famous companies in the construction of economic drones in low cost. In this review, we will talk about Syma X5C model, an incredible price-performance toy drone, also equipped with aerial camera with HD quality at 720p. 

Despite a very low purchase price, this Syma X5C turns out to be assembled in a pleasant and satisfying way.

The construction, although made of plastic materials that at first glance may seem inappropriate, has instead emerged to the height of the situation, making the Syma a sufficiently robust quadcopter.

Considering that this is a multi copter thought having in mind the novice users, the good robustness of the materials is an important point.

Another very positive element is the presence of a video camera for shooting in high resolution . You can take pictures and make movies very nicely, but do not expect the stability of a drone with gimbals.

The playful soul of this Syma X5C-1 drone is recognized by the possibility of performing acrobatics and very funny evolution with the simple push of a button on the radio control. This is present in the list of best drones because of its performance, 


  • Low price
  • Resistant materials
  • Stable in flight (no wind)
  • 2MP HD camera
  • LED


  • Non-stabilized video camera
  • Just enough autonomy (less than 10 min)
  • It can not be used in the presence of wind


The Syma X5C, according to our opinion, is one of the most interesting quadcopter models to be evaluated by all novice users with multi rotors. Despite being a toy drone , this X5C has a very good stability , thanks to the presence of a 6-axis gyroscope . Once the vehicle is familiar with the vehicle, it will be possible to change the flight mode, choosing the so-called “expert” one that allows greater freedom of movement for the more skilled drones.

The designer obviously expected that the first flights could lead to inevitable crashes and falls. For this reason, there are special protections for the propellers , which we advise not to remove in order not to damage the blades in case of impact against other objects. Moreover, the rotor guards make sure that this drone is used indoors, even at home (avoiding damage to things and people).

In the event that, for whatever reason, the propellers are damaged, Syma Toys includes a complete spare propeller set (4 original propellers).

Who needs, can also buy a special kit that includes all the main replacement parts suitable for this quad.

Force1 UDI U818A HD Camera Drone for Kids & Beginners 

best drones for beginners and professionals with camera

Key Features

  • Radio control
  • Integrated VGA camera
  • 4GB MicroSD memory
  • 3.7V LiPo battery of 500 mAh

The UDI U818A Drone Quad copter is presented with a decidedly professional appearance. Why UDI is standing in the queue of best drones, because, This is not a drone full of lights and special effects to entice the purchase, but it is a model that is intended for a more serious and attentive audience. The line chosen by the designer is essential and elegant and gives the U818A UDI a very pleasant appearance. The size of this remote control quad copter is larger than that of other similar price range models.

The supporting structure is reminiscent of that of the famous Parrot AR Drone 2.0. So it has the shape of a quadcopter rc with frame that incorporates the 4 propellers. The stability of the drone is ensured by a control electronics based on a 6-axis gyroscope. The results obtained by this system are worthy of note and allow this multi rotor to remain at altitude with good safety. The supplied remote control is a classic transmitter operating at a frequency of 2.4GHz, ensuring a range of approximately 80 meters .

The presence of an integrated display is convenient for checking the operating mode in which the drone is located; in fact, you can choose between a normal or advanced flight mode .

When the radio control is set in this last mode, the pilot can make the quadcopter also perform acrobatics in the air.


  • Professional appearance
  • Flight stability
  • 2 Mode: standard and advanced
  • Solid and larger construction compared to similar price mini-drones


  • Battery life
  • Charging time
  • VGA camera


UDI U818A HD suitable for all those who want to spend little and get good results. The response to the controls is very good, thanks to the increased dimensions compared to other models. The shell is well built and is durable. The supplied camera is not stabilized and is in low resolution but, Overall great satisfactory performance.

Yuneec Breeze Flying Camera Compact Smart Drone with Ultra High Definition 4K video

Key Features

  • 4K STUNNING VIDEO & PICTURES with breathtaking 4K Ultra High Definition and ultra-clear 13 megapixel stills.
  • EASY TO USE no flying experience necessary to take dramatic aerial group photos and video, simply pick from 5 automated flight modes to get the shot of your choice: Selfie, Pilot, Orbit, Journey, Follow Me.
  • SAFE TO FLY with built-in Indoor Positioning System to allow Breeze to hold its position indoors and outdoors; the propeller protectors preventing them from coming into contact with other objects. Also, automatically returns to home and lands with the tap of a button.
  • SOCIAL Download the app on your mobile device to control and navigate Breeze, edit photos & videos, then instantly share to your favorite social media sites.
  • UPGRADED ONE YEAR WARRANTY – Guarantees against manufacturer defects from the original date of purchase.

Yuneec, got space in the list of best drones, it is an specialist in electric aviation, presented this year at IFA the Breeze 4K, a selfie drone, compact, designed for beginners and able to film in 4K. 

The drone market continues to grow and the market is starting to become specialized. The Yuneec Breeze 4K is one of the pocket best drones that can be easily carried with you, especially for the selfie or shooting at a landscape, but really getting away from a flight point. Moreover, Yuneec focuses on compactness.

With a weight of 385 grams and dimensions of 196 x 196 x 65 mm (L x W x H) its four brush less motors allow it to fly to 80 m in a radius of 100 m. Its LiPo 3S battery of 11.1 V and 1150 mAh promises 12 minutes of flight and it is able to split the wind at 5 m / s in horizontal speed and 1 m / s in rate of climb. Values ​​that make it almost pass for a snail alongside the surprising performance of Bebop 2, but which are justified by a different use. Its self-portrait orientation is fully assumed and the purpose of the 4K Breeze is much more to film than to introduce you to the joys of driving that’s why it is present in the queue of the best drones. In short, it is a flying selfie pole capable of filming in 4K. A comparison that is not insignificant, since the size of its CMOS sensor of 1 / 3.06 “approaches that of the smallest sensors of smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S4 had, for example, a sensor of 1/3 , 04 “. Not enough to cover it with disgrace because the Breeze has some interesting assets, starting with a remarkable stabilization in flight that allows it to fly indoors without GPS very easily.


  • Silhouette
  • Shoots in 4K
  • Compact
  • Stable indoors
  • Ability to share images directly


  • 4K un stabilized
  • Full HD limited to 30 fps
  • Limited performance
  • Repetitive flight modes and too “egocentric”.
  • Autonomy
  • Lack of versatility


Do not take it for what it is not! The Yuneec Breeze 4K is a small unpretentious drone capable of producing original self-portraits. If you are looking for a drone delivering driving sensations, go your way, it is not versatile. On the other hand, if you want a flying and fun selfie pole in secure environments, the Breeze 4K is for you.

Parrot Bebop 2 Power Quadcopter Drone Pack + Sky controller

Key Features

  • New DUAL BLACK design of the Parrot Bebop 2 Power combines two beautiful finishes. A deep black matte finish with a bright and intense bright black.
  • Always shoot more. With its powerful battery, you fly for 30 minutes. This gives you time to film your friends or explore landscapes.
  • Precision hovering.The Parrot Bebop 2 Power uses a ground reconnaissance optical positioning system to ensure stability in flight on a fixed position without GPS.
  • Keep control at high speed. The Parrot Bebop 2 Power’s fully integrated design and propulsion system have been designed to ensure stability and aerodynamics.
  • It can reach speeds of 65km / h and withstands winds of 60km / h in sport mode.

Along with DJI Parrot invites itself into our top 3 also by proposing here a product displaying, at first sight, an excellent quality-price ratio. Model mid-range but with a price more than reasonable, this camera has everything a drone with cheap camera. And this does not mean that the manufacturer makes the sacrifice of performance! Indeed, DJI Parrot stands in the list of best drones, because, the product is intelligent, and will allow you to make many shots and quality videos through its modes of control and focus (follow-me, return to home, etc.)


  • Many possible shots
  • Several steering functions
  • Very accessible pack (and very good price-quality ratio of the camera drone)
  • Excellent video quality
  • Easy to manipulate


  • Photo quality a bit below the video quality
  • The lens is not protected (filter to buy separately)


Like the previous model, the camera drone Parrot achieves an excellent score with customer reviews and other users. The first point that is obvious is the installation and handling of the device. Indeed, once the software is installed, the drone is ready to fly, and handling is easy. The customer reviews particularly appreciate that the wifi camera displays a stable connection, which allows you to find your most beautiful images.

DJI Spark High Performance Mini Drone With Camera

Key Features

  • EASY TO FLY: The DJI Spark is easy to fly thanks to DJI’s signature technologies. You can fly the drone up to 16 minutes at a time with a fully charged battery
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE CAMERA: The DJI Spark has a high performance camera that allows you to take photos and videos in high quality thanks to the 2-axis mechanical nacelle
  • INTELLIGENT FLIGHT MODES: The DJI Spark has smart, reliable and intuitive flight modes that let you take pictures and videos exactly the way you want them
  • HD WI-FI VIDEO TRANSMISSION: The DJI Spark drone comes with a remote control that allows 720p video transmission in real time at a distance of up to 2 km (1.2 mi)

This little drone is the ideal companion for anyone who wants to take images from the sky and post them directly on the networks without any headaches. In spite of its compactness, the Spark nevertheless reveals itself complete and lined with high technology. 

The small Spark has everything of a great, video mechanically stabilized by a 2-axis platform, obstacle detection, many modes of flight and automated capture, piloting thanks to a radio remote control, a smartphone and even the hand., it is so famous and that’s why it is in the list of best drones.

The battery of DJI Spark is a Lipo 3s of 1480 mAh which weighs only 95 grams. It takes 1 hour to recharge and the manufacturer promises a range of 16 minutes. In fact, the maximum flight time is 14 minutes. This is not bad compared to its size, but it is a low flying time in use, especially since the many features of the Spark encourage the user to experiment with different modes. For a pleasant experience, prefer to take two batteries with you at least. Be careful, when it is not attached to the drone, if you do not turn it off completely, the battery can discharge itself in the bag. On a positive note, the Spark is also rechargeable thanks to its USB Type-B port and can therefore be recharged on a cigarette lighter socket. Convenient !


  • Possibility to control the drone with gestures
  • drone selfie (making beautiful selfies)
  • ultra fast grip (deploy-able in seconds)
  • several modes of control and shooting


  • low autonomy (16 minutes)


Easy to take in hand, playful, delivering a quality of image largely exploitable to bring back fond memories of holidays or during walks, the DJI Spark does not miss trump and is positioned even like a must-have of the summer . Be careful, however, the driving experience will be really pleasant with a remote control and an additional battery, which increases the price from $599 to $659. Apart from this consideration, the Spark is a surprising concentrate of technology that we finally want to have all the time with us.

GoPro Karma With Hero6 Black  best  drones

Key Features

  • Karma Captures amazingly smooth GoPro footage in the Air, handheld or body mounted.
  • ​The Karma Drone folds to fit into the included lightweight case. Take it any where. When you’re ready to fly, just unfold, attach the propellers and go.
  • The Karma stabilizer Captures breathtaking shake-free video both in the Air and on the ground.
  • Remove the Karma stabilizer and attach it to Karma grip for ultra steady, professional-looking handheld shots.
  • Karma grip works with GoPro mounts, including the built-in shoulder mount on the Karma case, to deliver ultra steady body-mounted footage.

It was believed that one of the best drones, the Gopro Karma died and buried, fallen from the sky just before a takeoff observed closely by the universe of the drone. GoPro has not dropped his drone, however, determined to make a centerpiece of its ecosystem articulated around action-cams Hero.

Karma is distinguished by its very design. Instead of resting on a monobloc platform in which are fixed the camera and the electric stabilization, the drone is here composed of detachable parts. The stabilization system can be removed and attached to a Karma Grip, a kind of boom for holding a standalone gimbal by hand . The GoPro Hero5 Black camera integrated into the Karma can be carried away and used almost anywhere, since it is compatible with the many accessories of the brand and is waterproof without box.

All the specificity of Karma is there: GoPro does not offer a simple fully equipped drone, but a system designed around its flagship product, action-cam Hero.

The Karma kit includes a backpack, a drone, an electric stabilized carrycot, a GoPro Hero5 Black and a grip. The materials used in the manufacture of the drone seem of satisfactory quality, if not noble, while the finishes are correct and that everything does not suffer too much from the misuse of plastic. The rubberized surface coating on the back of the drone is nice and so is the grip. The arms of the drone, on the other hand, sound a little hollow and the device is very light once its battery removed, which surprises considering its size not especially compact – conversely, the DJI Mavic Pro had surprised us by its density compared to its small size.

The design of the drone Karma is nevertheless interesting: very flat, it is finally relatively compact once its folded arms (365.2 x 224.3 x 89.9 mm). We are far from the remarkable compactness of the Mavic Pro, but few drones to offer such modularity and Karma in any case without problem in a thin backpack, provided that it is high enough.

Good surprise also on the side of the remote control, the coating very pleasant and convincing grip.

A small tour on the technical side reminds us that Karma is not a racer, but a quadcopter cut for discovery, flying in cruising mode and the surrounding airway. This writes, its 4 brushless motors still drag it to almost 55 km / h (15 m / s) and allow it to rub at winds up to 10 m / s. The stabilization is ensured by a GPS / Glonass module and the LiPo battery of 14,8 V and 5,100 mAh promises a range of 20 minutes of flight, which we could verify in practice. The range of the remote control is given for 1 km in CE norm.

With its Lipo battery delivering 75.4 Wh for 5,100 mAh and 14,8 V, the Karma, one of the best drones, flies 18 minutes with 4K recording activated. Charging times are one hour for the drone battery, two and a half hours for the controller and two hours for the grip. The latter offers an autonomy of 1:45. These are acceptable durations, but we are still quite far from the almost 27 minutes of flight of the Mavic Pro. Its a pity for this best drones brand.


  • Interesting modular concept.
  • Acceptable size.
  • 4K image quality.
  • Stabilization of the nacelle.
  • Ease of use.
  • Free and simple editing software.
  • Compatible with the Hero 4 Black.


  • Few flight modes.
  • Picture quality in disappointing Full HD.
  • Does not shoot at 60 fps in 4K.
  • Reflections of the screen in full sun.
  • Autonomy just correct.
  • Could be more compact.


We sensed the announcement, the idea of ​​proposing a modular concept to vary the uses of its action-cam is not only relevant in terms of uses, but also not to face the giant DJI face. Karma is therefore an interesting alternative that will appeal above all fans of the brand who are ready to do without technological advances proposed by a Mavic Pro, for example. Still, the Karma has a pleasant playful side, supported by the free editing software Quick to make nice clips. Without being perfect, Karma brings a breeze of fresh air interesting on a market dominated by DJI. It is now hoped that GoPro will efficiently provide after-sales service and updates to its drone.

DJI Mavec Air – The King of The Airs

Key Features

  • Remote Controller
  • Intelligent Flight Battery
  • Charger
  • Power Cable
  • 3 x Pairs of Props

It seems far, the time when DJI was an obscure builder of best drones that began to venture into the world of cinema and aerial photography! Today the Shenzhen giant is number 1 in a market where competition is rare, and it is not the Mavic Air that will change the trend, quite the contrary.

DJI stands in the list of best drones and continues its quest for “trans-portability” and offers the Mavic Air the ability to fold its four arms to slip everywhere. Even smaller than the Mavic Pro with 168 x 83 x 49 mm folded against 198 x 83 x 83 (L × W × H), the Mavic Air fits in any bag or large jacket pocket. To give you an idea, if we compare the Mavic Pro to a DSLR without a lens, the Mavic Air has meanwhile the size of a hybrid. The same goes for the tiny radio, which we appreciate the removable joysticks that make it even easier to transport.

Despite its small size, the Mavic Air boasts an impressive data sheet, including a stabilized 3-axis gondola, 4K video, a Sport mode that allows it to point to 68 km / h, flight modes and more. automated shots that capture those of the Spark (Helix, Rocket), as well as other modes varied (Asteroid, Boomerang, Smart Capture). In addition, The Active Track mode that brings detection several topics at once and above all an increased accuracy of tracking . Flight Autonomy 2.0 offers obstacle detection up to 20m with two pairs of cameras at the front and rear of the aircraft.

The Mavic Air is equipped with a LiPo 3S battery of 2,375 mAh and 11.55 V weighing 140 g. It loads in less than an hour, but not in USB-C. The manufacturer promises a range of 21 minutes. In fact, practically several times flights ranging from 16 to 18 minutes; we do not take into account the low flight time at 5 500 m altitude, these conditions remaining exceptional, but we can still say that this drone has successfully met the elements and negative temperatures. The Mavic Air is no exception to a rule: to take full advantage of its many capabilities, it is better to carry with you at least one or two additional batteries.


  • Design
  • Performance
  • Compactness
  • Get carried away everywhere
  • Overall image quality
  • Fun flight modes
  • Relevant QuickShot modes


  • Limited Wi-Fi transmission distance
  • No charge in USB-C
  • Limited autonomy
  • No lateral detection of obstacles
  • Complete application, but clutter for the beginner


The Mavic Air is more than a drone. It offers the user not only the opportunity to have fun with its different flight modes, but especially to report beautiful images in both video and photo, and this in a fun way via relevant QuickShots. We regret only Wi-Fi transmission less powerful than Ocusync and a little weak autonomy. DJI asserts its supremacy and its expertise here. The Mavic Air is a “must-have” that is very easy to recommend.

DJI Phantom 4 PRO Professional Drone

Key Features

  • Camera with 1-inch 20MP sensor
  • Five-directions of obstacle sensing
  • More powerful video processing
  • Max Flight Time Approx. 30 minutes

The technical sheet of the latest DJI consumer drone, the Phantom 4 Pro, one of the best drones, is particularly enticing and one of the best drones without doubt. This is one of the best drones, with its new functions of obstacle detection, subject tracking and scheduled flight, we could approach the flawless, especially as the promise of autonomy and increased image quality makes it even more desirable.

With 1,380 grams on the scale, the DJI Phantom 4 Pro has taken a bit of weight compared to the DJI Phantom 3 Standard , while maintaining almost identical dimensions. But it’s for a good cause. In addition to its enticing new features, it is more powerful, faster, more maneuverable, more stable and even easier to drive.

A stereoscopic detection system based on the presence of four sensors located at the front and below the drone allows the recognition of obstacles. The “Tap Fly” mode offers the possibility of specifying a destination to the drone by a simple tap on the screen of the tablet or smartphone, while the “Active Track” mode allows a 3-dimensional recognition of the subject for follow up without having to wear a tracker or hold the remote control. That’s promising!

No particular evolution on the other hand at the level of the latter, it remains well finished and complete with the access to various commands like the return to the house, the activation of the video recording or the adjustment of the inclination of the camera, but it does not include a screen like a 3DR Solo.

The Phantom proudly stands in the list of best drones, because, the evolution of the camera, however, fits the radius of festivities, since its objective is improved with 9 lenses for a field angle of 94 ° (20 mm in equivalent 24 x 36 mm) at f / 2.8. Its sensor allows 12 megapixel capture in RAW + JPEG and 4K modes at 24, 25 and 30 fps as well as Full HD at 60 fps and 120 fps. If the camera is not interchangeable, unlike the 3DR Solo, its features will be sufficient for most user needs.

The installation of the propellers is childish and even simpler than before. Here, no need to screw them thanks to the new system ” push and release “: Just press the propeller while making a quarter turn. The ignition procedure requires us to activate the drone first, then the remote control and finally connect the latter to the smartphone. Once done, satellite acquisition is very fast, and in less than a minute the device is ready to take off! Inside we do not benefit from GPS stabilization, but from an optical stabilization thanks to the sonar and the camera located under the drone. Attention! however to the effect of soil: the air driven down by the propellers gets stuck on the ground and compresses itself before changing direction abruptly, which causes turbulence and destabilizes the drone.

The new LiPo 4S 5 350 mAh 15.2 V battery needs 1.5 hours to reach its maximum load and allows an effective average flight time of 20 minutes. This is a little less than announced by the manufacturer, but you must rely on a safety margin and take into account the weather and your driving style. For the anxious, note that at 15% of remaining battery, the drone returns alone to its point of takeoff. In order to increase the flying experience, we can only advise you at least the purchase of an extra battery.


  • Finishing up.
  • Easy handling and stability.
  • Avoidance of obstacles
  • Fun flight modes.
  • Good overall image quality.
  • Light bridge connection.
  • Raw Photo (DNG) + Jpeg.
  • S-Log and Cine like curves available.
  • Fashion 4K 30p convincing.
  • Full application.
  • Autonomy up.
  • Flight in stable interior thanks to the sonar and the camera.


  • Costly


The Phantom 4 Pro is a fantastic machine. Its review line gives it an elegant look that goes along with amazing features. “Obstacles Avoidance” and “Visual Tracking” modes are stunning.

In short, it always get its place in the category of best drones and the 5 stars are well deserved.

DJI Mavec Pro Drone Portable & Fordable Quadcopter With Camera Plus Fly More Kit Bundle

Key Features

  • FOLDABLE & PORTABLE: The Mavic Pro is a small but powerful quadcopter drone that turns the sky into an accessible and safe playground. Its compact size allows you to take it anywhere.
  • LONGER FLYING: It has a maximum flight time of 27 mins and a maximum distance of 13 km (8 mi), allowing extended flying periods thanks to its powerful and high-performance engines.
  • 4K CAMERA: The DJI Mavic Pro has a 4K camera stabilized by a 3-axis pod, which allows you to take photos and videos with crystal clarity, even at high speed.
  • AUTOMATED SYSTEMS: The DJI Mavic Pro uses FlightAutonomy technology to reduce the risk of accidents. FlightAutonomy is used in combination with other systems for reliable flights.

DJI Mavic Pro Drone with camera is one of the best drones, it achieves incredible performances since it is able to film in 4K – enough to give you access to magnificent images seen from the sky! Its embedded camera, by the way, performs great feats, since it incorporates 3 axes of stability (4K, 30FPS, 60FPS with full HD). So, if you want to get a camera drone that realizes, DJI Mavic Pro is one of the best drones for your choice. 


  • Excellent video in 4K
  • 30 and 60FPS
  • adapted flight modes (sport, kinematics, for beginners, etc.)
  • very wide range (3 kilometers)
  • very good security (sensors and obstacle detection)
  • very compact.


  • No micro SD card provided (to buy separately)
  • taken in hand a little difficult at the beginning


For those who like to take their camera drone everywhere with them, you will not be disappointed! The customer and user reviews are indeed much back the lightness of the machine, which is nonetheless robust. If some users find the first grips a bit difficult, a short period of adaptation will be enough to take full advantage of the model!

DJI Phantom 4 Pro + The Best Image Quality of RTF Drones

Key Features

  • Phantom 4 Pro Plus features a 1″ 20MP CMOS sensor with gimbal stabilized 4K60 / 20MP imaging.
  • Drone camera features Flight Autonomy with redundant sensors and four directions of obstacle avoidance.
  • Features a top speed of 45 mph in Sport Mode with a maximum control range of 4.3 miles.
  • Features gimbal stabilization technology, along with a hover function that allows you to capture smooth aerial footage.
  • Quadcopter drone offers up to 30 minutes of flying time and includes remote control.

It’s undeniable, DJI trustees the drone market, they are the best drones production giant.

The all-powerful Chinese giant allows it to offer powerful and innovative products, and it is not the last quadcopter of the brand, the Phantom 4 Pro Plus, one of the best drones, which will break this momentum.

In addition to an improved obstacle detection and avoidance system, it offers, among other things, increased battery life, the first 1-inch sensor camera capable of filming in 4K Cine at 60 fps. The name pro does not seem to be usurped, stands in the list of best drones.

Faced with a Mavic Pro, certainly perfectible, one of the best drones, more versatile and very interesting, the DJI Phantom 4, more expensive and released a few months earlier, had only few arguments to oppose it. The brand has decided to rethink the hierarchy of its range by offering a drone that is aimed not only at the general public but also professionals: The Phantom 4 Pro.

The list of features of the Phantom 4 Pro Plus is long. It takes all the technical features of the Phantom 4 and adds new features to stand out not only from the competition but also the Phantom 4 (obstacle detection in 5 directions, maximum speed at 72 km / h, range increased to 30 minutes and , especially, camera with a 1 inch sensor for 20 megapixel photos and videos in 4K cinema at 60 i / s). Features that appeal to the most demanding aerial image enthusiasts and some freelancers who were serious about investing in a Ready To Fly quadcopter but who feared that the image quality of the everlasting 1 / 2.3-inch sensor in service since the Phantom 3 is not enough in terms of definition and video rate. Note that in addition to these new features, additional flight modes are appearing, such as Selfie, Terrain Follow, Tripod or Gesture. Modes taken from the Mavic Pro but do not prevent the application evolves little and the latter is still very messy.

The camera is so close to the ground when the drone is placed. Even if this point only binds your servant, we are not fans of the octopus silhouette of the Phantom series. An aesthetic reflection that does not prevent us from noting that the perceived quality is of good quality and that this finding is corroborated by the manufacturing quality of a remote control that does not suffer from any particular criticism. On the contrary, we are pleased to see that DJI has listened to our remarks and has integrated a screen allowing direct access to the application. A huge advantage that exists only on the “Plus” version and that is worth about almost $350 extra, but which finally allows to save the battery of the smartphone.

The LiPo 4S battery of 15.2 V for 5870 mAh promises a range of 30 minutes. It takes about 1h20 to fully charge it and about the same time for the remote control. The battery of the Phantom 4 Pro incorporates diodes that indicate the state of charge at the touch of a button. By activating filming in 4K cine permanently, we managed to fly 20 minutes and keep 10% of autonomy. Going down the definition to 1080p, the flight lasted 23 minutes. We are therefore below the promise of DJI, but the autonomy is still good. However, we can only recommend the purchase of one or two additional batteries for a flight experience without anxiolytics.


  • Quality of manufacture.
  • Remote control with screen on Pro Plus version.
  • Full application.
  • Versatility of use.
  • Follow up on the subject.
  • Vision positioning and obstacle detection.
  • Image quality up to 1600 ISO.
  • Video mode 4K 60p.


  • Expensive


With the Phantom 4 Pro Plus, DJI is able to offer not only a drone geared to demanding aerial image enthusiasts, but also professionals who want to enter a growing market.

The new 1-inch sensor brings a real gain in image quality, while 5-axis obstacle detection and avoidance make it even more versatile. The Phantom 4 Pro, and even more its “Plus” version, is a reference on the segment.