The 6 Best Keyboard for Fortnite: Top Gaming Mechanical Keyboards

best keyboard for fortnite and other games

If you are looking for the Best keyboard for Fortnite or any other game, you have come to the right place. 

We have cherry-picked the 6 best mechanical gaming keyboards for Fortnite and other games, Which will not burn a hole in your pocket.

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Here is the list of 6 Best Gaming Keyboards for Fortnite

Many big players of Fortnite use these gaming keyboards, Every mentioned keyboard performs awesome. Please note that anybody can use these mechanical keyboards for other games too.

GK61 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 61 Keys Multicolor RGB

The HK Gaming GK61 is a fan favorite when it comes to recommending a good budget mechanical keyboard.

Let’s take a look at what makes GK61 a great choice for your gaming setup if you’re looking for a compact keyboard with fast performance switches.

The HK Gaming GK61 is a great starter gaming keyboard for anyone looking to improve their gaming performance, it can be a good choice as their first mechanical keyboard because, it is inexpensive and can be updated over time.

60% Gaming Keyboard

The GK61 is a 60% compact mechanical keyboard with hot-swappable optical switches, pre-lubricated stabilizers, different RGB effects, and has different programmable layers for all your needs.

The GK61 offers plenty of switch options for a budget mechanical keyboard and can be tweaked for a more premium feel if you want to upgrade in the future.

In the frame, The GK61 comes with all the accessories you need to customize the keyboard to your liking. 

Gateron Optical Switches

The switches available on the GK61 are Gateron optical switches. They offer a wide variety of options, Black, Blue, Brown, Red, Silver Yellow. It’s rare to see more options than the usual three (blue, brown, red).

It gives you more variety to choose from in terms of spring weights and smoothness.

The Gateron Optical Reds are quite soft to the touch and also quite light. Compared to mechanical Gateron Reds, the stem is slightly darker (so you can tell the difference between optical and mechanical). Mechanical switches option is available with GK61.

Switch Puller

It includes Aluminum Switch Puller which allows you to conveniently remove the switches currently on the keyboard to exchange them for new ones.

Keycap Puller

It includes a keycap puller allows you to change keys with little effort on your part. However, a wire key puller can also be used lessen the chances of scratching the keys.

Type C-USB Cable

A braided type C-USB cable has greater durability and can be straightened to prevent kinks much more easily than a rubber cable.

The USB-C port is located on the upper left of the keyboard in a slightly recessed area. This port will work with most custom USB-C cables.


The plugins are quite convenient for you, but we would have liked to see additional keys for Mac, as the keyboard is compatible with Mac and Windows, after all.

Build Quality

Build quality The GK61 is made of a thick plastic case and an aluminum plate. Trying to flex the plate manually does nothing.

This board is quite sturdy and can withstand a fall if it ever comes to that. It also has a very clean-looking casing that supports the board and PCB well. On the back, there are four rubber feet to prevent the keyboard from slipping.

Unfortunately, there are no brackets to adjust the angle you wear it, but the case is slightly angled to improve comfort.

The keys of the GK61 are made of ABS plastic with double-shot injection molding.

It means that the board legends will never fade because they are a different layer of plastic. However, the sub-captions will wear out over time because they are laser etched.

Sound Test

Optical keyboards tend to sound pretty hollow, but the GK61 sounds pretty full. Adding a bit of foam inside the case would help reduce this open sound even more.


The keys are OEM profiles, commonly seen on most standard mechanical keyboards. The OEM profile is a uniform profile that tries to reduce the distance between each row.

Since this is common, it is what you are used to typing by now. The captions (the symbols and letters on each key) are stenographic, meaning the closed letters and symbols are separate.

Fortunately, the GK61 has a standard 60% layout with a common bottom row, making it extremely easy to replace the keys with a nicer set of PBT plastic oil resistant, and has more professional captions.

For the price, these keys are not bad. However, over time, they will show shine and feel smoother when typing. One very interesting thing is that the top of each key is textured, and the side walls are shiny.

Alongside this, the keys are placed within the walls of the case and are not floating style. The switches are not visible, and the overall design is really elegant.


The stabilizers on the GK61 are plate-mounted Cherry style stabilizers. They are pre-lubricated at the factory.

These stabilizers sound better than other cheap optical keyboards, it means the lube is doing something.

Fn Key

The FN key is to the far right with the arrow keys right next to it. It makes it possible to use the arrows with one hand, holding down the FN key with your little finger and manipulating those other keys around it to navigate.

Alongside this, It can also access RGB effects through the second layer. You can switch through the various effects using FN and backspace.

Another option is to download your software and edit the lighting that way. The keyboard has three different editable layers in which you can program macros, and key remaps.

It is convenient if you do a lot of productivity work on your keyboard. If you’re using it just for gaming, there’s also a Windows lock available to prevent you from exiting the game screen during those crucial button-shuffling moments.

Alternatives to the product many optical-mechanical keyboards are inexpensive today. They are all very similar but have slight subtleties like keys, layout, and features like Bluetooth connectivity.


The keyboard’s PCB is  IP64 spill and dust resistant.

GK61 Gaming Keyboard Price

The GK61 is the most budget cheap gaming keyboard without compromising on quality. Please check the GK61 price here.

SteelSeries Apex 5 Hybrid Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

The Steel series Apex 5 is perhaps one of the most impressive keyboards at the $100 price point (as we are writing these words), even rivaling those of higher budgets.

Now, let’s get possibly the only negative thing about the keyboard and it’s really just the nitpick, It is the permanently attached cable, but it does have cable routing underneath it, so it won’t get in the way and it’s packed pretty neatly and you also have the option to route it in both directions.

So not many problems there. As we said, just a nitpick. Besides that, the keyboard is simply designed and made of very high quality materials and feels very premium.

Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy

The dark gray aircraft grade aluminum alloy means that the build of this keyboard is very tough, While still remaining very light at only 2.04 pounds.

Keyboard Size

It’s a very simple design at a medium size and won’t take up much of your desk is just about enough, not less and not more.

Hybrid Mechanical RGB Switch

The keyboard has a simple floating key cap design, featuring steel series his own hybrid mechanical RGB switches with a durability of 20 million key presses, they have an actuation force of around 50 grams with a satisfying press to them.

Yes, they are rather loud. So if you have roommates or people sleeping near you, they’re not going to have a good time listening to your clicks.

Actuation Point

The switch actuation point is at two millimeters with a total travel distance of four millimeters with 24 simultaneous actuation of key rollover, which means that the keyboard is able to register the maximum number of 24 keys at once, which is just about quick enough for any game. Granted, you have enough fingers to press more than 24 keys at once.

If you are used to your any infrared mechanical keyboard which lacks any of the feeling that you get with clicky keys.

Cherry MX Blues

But although the keyboard sounds very clicky, it actually feels more snappy and glittery as opposed to what you may get with the Cherry MX blues for example, these switches feel very smooth and satisfying to use.

RGB Lights

It’s a very premium feel that usually get with much more expensive keyboards, the keys obviously have fully customizable RGB lighting that you can spend hours on personalising to your preferences.

There are so many options and you can customize every single key to emanate whatever color from the RGB range.

Media Control

The Apex 5 Hybrid also has simple and easy to reach media controls with a tactile volume wheel, which can also be a mute button when pressed, as well as a play or pause button next to it, which you can also double tap to skip the track or triple tap to go back to the previous track or go to the beginning of the track that you’re on.

Customizable LCD Screen

Not to mention that the small LCD Screen can be customized to show different stats in games, or set up discord notifications, You can even draw static images.


It’s really great to see how much serious effort steel series has put into their software, making sure it’s easy to use and reliably functional.

With the open platform availability, you can even develop your own apps for the keyboard.

Now to conclude, there’s really not much to complain about with this keyboard, its simplicity, ease of use, customization, and durability all put together into a very reasonable price for the quality you’re getting. It is a really good investment that you won’t be replacing soon.

SteelSeries Apex 5 Hybrid Price

The Steelseries Apex 5 Hybrid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has aircraft grade aluminum but still very affordable. Please check SteelSeries Apex 5 price here.

Ducky One 2 Mini RGB 60% Mechanical Keyboard (Multiple Cherry MX Switch Options)

The Ducky one 2 mini is one of the best 60% mechanical keyboards requiring no software and has excellent build quality.

It is a small keyboard. It’s technically smaller than an iPad. That’s why it is excellent for traveling.

The ducky one 2 mini has been very pleasant. It feels responsive, good in the hand, and will allow you to crank in creative without a problem.

Only 3,700 of these Ducky One 2 Mini keyboards are produced, so register your order right now through the Amazon store if you want to buy this compact mechanical keyboard.

60% Keyboard

The Ducky one 2 mini is famously known as a 60 percent keyboard, but despite its limiting size, its function pretty much makes up for all of that.

It’s got a bunch of different layers that you can work with, 

  • Standard Layer: The standard layer is what you are going to use without holding on to anything
  • Fn Layer: The Fn layer lets you access the function row, the media keys, and a lot of other things
  • ALT Layer: The Fn and ALT layer let you do RGB editing, bounce delays like Fortnite, Minesweeper, and other games, etc.
  • Shift Layer:  Fn and the Shift layer lets you access the different RGB modes without having to cycle through it, so a lot of stuff is going on in addition to that.

If you read the ducky one 2 mini manual, you can also program up to six profiles on the board too for macros, and then you can also edit the RGB, and it does have perky RGB editing too.

There are plenty of options and a lot of customization available. It does take some time to read through the pdf manual to figure out the different steps that you need to follow and to get it to be exactly what you want to be, but after you do all that, it’s pretty much saved onto the board, and you can say this is your ducky one 2 mini mechanical gaming keyboard.

Mechanical Keys

The Ducky one 2 mini key’s are designed to provide excellent performance and a lifespan of 80 million clicks.

Switch Options

There are so many different options Cherry MX switches, Gateron switches, TTC switches, Kalih switches, and in addition to all those basic linear switches, you also get options to pick the speed or the silent versions., like Cherry MX Silent Red.

Hot Swappable

The ducky one 2 mini switches are not hot-swappable, so whatever switch you pick, you will be pretty much stuck with unless you have a de-soldering gun.

Double Shot PBT Keycaps

This genuine ducky gaming keyboard has double shot PBT keycaps with RGB shine through the legends.

The legends are super clean, and the RGB shines through very nicely. There are no separations in legends despite it having side-printed legends for the secondary functions.

If your backlight is on pretty bright, you can absolutely see them even in dim lighting because the bounce back from the plate emits light up, and you can see them really easily.


The stabilizers are all pretty good. There’s nothing to complain about. The ducky’s stabilizers are pretty unique in the way that they are colored, you have the blue stabilizer housings, and then the stems are gray.

They are not pre-lube from the factory, but they sound pretty dang good, so who cares.


No software is needed to run this 60 percent gaming keyboard. It is simply plug and play.


RGB Color LED  backlight intended for keyboard buttons, which multiplies the charm of this small keyboard.

Ergonomics Design

You can adjust the keyboard mounts to three different angles for ease of use to provide a suitable slope for different users. 

Macro Recording

There are six profiles that you can edit, however there are un-editable keys and those are fn and caps lock.

You absolutely cannot change fn and caps but other than that everything else is pretty much up for grabs and despite it being a 60% gaming keyboard board, you will find yourself switching to it pretty easily.

USB-C Detachable Cable 

As the Ducky one 2 mini is not a wireless keyboard, so It comes with a 1.2m long USB Type-C cable.

You just need to plug the cord directly into any gaming console like Xbox or Play station and Windows and MacBook.

Ducky One 2 Mini Price

Ducky one 2 mini is truly under budget gaming keyboard. Check ducky one 2 mini price here.


  • 60% mini size keyboard
  • 85% PBT seamless double-shot keycaps
  • 100% Cherry MX switches
  • Cool RGB Illumination
  • Supports 10 kinds of RGB LED lighting modes animation effect
  • Equipped with a detachable type-c USB cable
  • Double-layered feet with three adjustable placement angles


  • Input delay is not too low
  • No dedicated software

Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard

So what’s so special about this keyboard? If you’re into mechanical gaming keyboards, You must know about the Razer Huntsman Elite, who reinvented the switch. The Razer has reinvented a mechanical switch. i.e., They have updated their technology, and it is called an opto-mechanical switch.

Opto-Mechanical Switch

The opto-mechanical switch is the first of its kind; it sounds like a mechanical switch when you type it, so it has that sort of clicky noise to it and feel, but it has a more linear response to it.

Infrared Sensor

You can find a tiny infrared sensor under these keys that acts as a bit of tripwire for the key. Therefore, instead of having a mechanical contact to actuate the key, it relies on an electrical signal.

That means this is up to 30% faster than a standard mechanical keyboard. It also means there are minor moving parts. So even though this sounds more delicate, you will get more longevity out of this keyboard as per the manufacturer’s statment.

100 Million Keystrokes

They’re rating it up to 100 million keystrokes, which is double that of a traditional mechanical keyboard, and because all things digital, there are just fewer moving parts, which means it should last longer.

Media Keys

Razer’s also added some media key support, and they are not just traditional media keys. No doubt, you have play/pause, forward and back. But, you also get this excellent volume knob which is very lovely.

Synapse Three

There’s also a button on top to get one press pause and mute your volume, not only for volume, if you want it to say brightness or anything else, but you can also program that through Synapse Three.

The overall design of this keyboard is also immaculate. It cut down the sides on this, so it’s not a very large keyboard, and you do have a lot of options here, including a full number pad and programmable macro keys, which you can then assign to yourself.

You also have the ability with Razer Synapse Three to save your profiles to the cloud so you can rotate this keyboard through different computers.

Wrist Pad

We should also mention there is this cool wrist-pad. What makes this one unique is this it has chromo-lighting for the first time.

So you can see the tiny sensor here that connects up as magnetic. It matches the chromo-lighting of the keyboard. Although, it does have zones on it. You can control them.

However, if you want the cheaper version, you can get it without the wrist-rest and the media keys, but you still get those awesome opto mechanical switches.

Chromo Lighting

That still has chromo-lighting as well. Besides saving and configuring profiles for this keyboard to the cloud, you can, of course, disable this chromo-lighting. And if it bothers you ultimately, you can turn it off completely. Or you can control the brightness and tune it down. We think the lighting looks incredible in the room, especially if you have a matching Razer mouse that goes with it.


Regarding sound on the keyboard, it’s a slightly higher pitch than Razer’s green switch, but I didn’t find it annoying at all.

USB Plug

Being a sophisticated high-end keyboard, it has two USB plugs, so make sure you have enough room on your system.

One of those is for the chromo system, of course. And it is a thick braided cable, so it should keep your system very clean and easy to manage.

Razer Huntsman Elite Price

The razer huntsman is very famous in gamers. Fortnite players love it. Please check Razer Huntsman Elite price here.

SteelSeries APEX PRO TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Apex Pro TKL (Ten Key Less)

TKL has been a development in mechanical keyboards since the discovery of the mechanical switch over 35 years ago.

Each key is customizable according to your sensitivity requirements based on the purpose, whether gaming, work, or something else.

Customizable Mechanical Switches

The mechanical switches give the world’s most lightning-fast response with the lightest keystroke. Apex Pro TKL adapts individual preferences easily.

Record Speed

Use custom sensitivity for the WSAD keys and the keys responsible for in-game abilities because the fastest pressing can be the key to winning the competition. Or make a more balanced adjustment to increase accuracy.

Depth & Accuracy

Use deeper triggers to print texts or games where maximum accuracy is required. 

OLED Smart Display

The built-in control center gives you access to helpful information for changing settings, changing profiles, and checking for updates on the fly.

There is no need to switch between windows because your keyboard will show you everything you need.

Magnetic Wrist Stand

The ideal accessory for the keyboard – the magnet provides an easy and fast connection, and the support reliably protects palms. The water-proof soft covering provides comfort during typing or game.

Multimedia Keys

A metal roller with the ability to press and control buttons allows you to change the volume and make adjustments on the fly: adjust the brightness, rewind, skip, pause, and more – at the touch of a button.

Remote USB Port

You no longer need to crawl around your PC to connect a USB device. Connect flash drives, wireless mouse, headset, a phone, or any other USB device directly to the keyboard.

Three-Way Laying of Wires

Protects wires from bending, kinks and confusion. The case has channels for laying wires to one of the three possible exits, so your table will always be in order.

RGB illumination

Millions of backlight options and responses to clicks will make you the creator of your fantastic system. Sync your keyboard with other SteelSeries devices for maximum effect.

Fully Customizable

SteelSeries gives you access to a library of features of all Steel Series products, so you can customize, sync, and manage your PC for excellence.

Apex Pro TKL Keyboard Price

The Apex Pro TKL mechanical gaming keyboard has world’s fastest switches but still the price is reasonable. Please check the apex pro tkl price here.

Corsair K100 RGB Optical Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Corsair Gaming K100 RGB keyboard is an optical-mechanical masterpiece.

Corsair is a company that initially built its reputation on memory-related products but has long since diversified and established a significant presence in several other market segments over the past two decades, making them a colossus of PC components and peripherals.

Today Corsair produces dozens of PC-related products, from RAM modules to CPU coolers and headsets to chairs.

One of its most successful product segments outside of its memory roots has been advanced gaming keyboards.

The company was one of the earliest and most enthusiastic developers of modern, consumer-focused professional mechanical keyboards.

Its exclusive agreements with Cherry, the most reputable manufacturer of mechanical key switches, allowed Corsair to outperform the competition slightly.

Now, we take a look at Corsair’s latest gaming keyboard, The K100 RGB.

As the name suggests, it is the successor to the renowned K95 RGB, one of the best and most expensive gaming keyboards Corsair has ever released.

And for this successor, Corsair isn’t just putting on a fresh coat of paint and freeing up the keyboard again. Instead, the K100 RGB features brand-new opto-mechanical switches and electronics, making it a unique keyboard in today’s commercial keyboard market.

Wrist Rest

Corsair supplies a full-size wrist rest with the K100 RGB, and the company took a very different approach than any other keyboard they released to date.

The wrist rest is padded, with a soft textured synthetic fabric cover, and magnetically attached to the keyboard.

This magnetic coupling makes inserting and removing the wrist rest a continuous process in a fraction of a second, but it is not strong enough for the wrist rest to stay in place if the keyboard is lifted or jerked.

Its soft, padded hood is much more comfortable than most wrist rests.


The Corsair K100 RGB optical-mechanical gaming keyboard Corsair’s latest K100 RGB is similar to the K95 RGB Platinum that the company released a couple of years ago, at least regarding its size and number of macro keys.

It is not externally identical to the old K95 RGB Platinum. Still, it is based on the same aesthetic design, with an anodised polished aluminium chassis and the keys attached directly to it, creating a floating critical effect.

This design makes it a breeze to clean, as a simple tap would remove most of the debris from the keyboard’s aluminum surface. Most of the keyboard remains visually the same.

Backlit & LED

The backlit Corsair logo is still on top of the chassis, in a very bright stripe.

The designer placed the indicator LEDs on that strip, which got hidden while turning the keyboard on.

Even when the indicator lights are on, their lights are so subtle that they will never catch anyone’s eye if they are not looking for them.


The Corsair K100 RGB Optical-Mechanical is based on a standard 104-key keyboard but expanded with six additional keys on the left.

In a bold move, Corsair made the K100 RGB compatible with the ANSI standard layout, something they hadn’t done with any of their mechanical keyboards in the past.

The bottom row of the keyboard has a 6.5 × space bar and seven 1.25 × keys (ALT, CTRL, WIN / Menu, and Fn keys) bottom row keys.


The PBT keys have prominent futuristic characters printed on them. The primary and secondary characters are at the top of the key, as the Corsairs’ designer wanted to take full advantage of the keyboard’s LED lighting.

The six G keys to the left of the main keyboard are gray and outlined. A metallic volume control wheel and a mute button can still see on the keyboard’s top right, with additional multimedia buttons between them and the numeric keypad section.

Media Keys

The volume control wheel is now broader and firmer and feels better than all previous versions of Corsair gaming keyboards.

The main design difference is in the upper left corner of the keyboard, in the form of a second metal wheel.

This second wheel can be used to perform various actions, such as application switching and LED brightness control, selectable via the touch button in its centre and programmable in Corsair’s iCUE software.

As we’ll see as we explore the new options in Corsair’s software, the secondary wheel can dramatically improve keyboard flexibility, whether it’s for productivity or fun.

Two more tactile buttons, one to switch profiles and one to lock specific keys, can be seen on either side of the rotary wheel.

Optical Switches

Under the keys, we find the latest Corsair OPX optical-mechanical switches. These switches are not mechanical switches that Corsair played with to change their mechanical properties; they are optical switches that Corsair modified to operate similar to mechanical switches.

The only mechanical part of these switches is the return spring, as there are no electrical contacts.

This approach eradicates all the disadvantages that mechanical contacts have, such as anti-bounce and wear, at the expense of tactile feedback that you can fully feel.

OPX switches act much faster than any mechanical switch, just 1mm below their rest point, and their total travel is also reduced to 3.2mm.

The underside of the K100 RGB is littered with cable tracks, allowing users to route a mouse or headphone cable under the keyboard.

Anti-Slip Pad

Four huge anti-slip pads hold the keyboard firmly on any surface. The grip on the pads is so firm that they bent feet and were forced to retract if someone tried to push the keyboard sideways while sitting at a desk.

USB 2.0 Port

You can find a single USB 2.0 port on the back of the K100 RGB. Meanwhile, you can find not just one but two USB connectors at the rear end of the keyboard connector cable.

The second connector also serves another purpose i.e., controlling the USB host port on the keyboard.

Opening the K100 RGB Optical Mechanical Keyboard will cause permanent visual damage, as it was never designed to be disassembled by an end-user.

There are screws under the glossy top of the keyboard that cannot be removed and reinstalled and foam glue on the sides.


On the white PCB, we see the heart of the K100 RGB, an NXP LPC54605J512 microprocessor.

The ARM Cortex M4 microprocessor is clocked at 180 MHz and 512 kB of flash and 200 KB of SRAM built-in.

Corsair K100 RGB Price

The Corsair K100 RGB is one of the best mechanical gaming keyboard. Please check Corsair K100 price here.

We hope you like our article, The Best Keyboard for Fortnite. The all gaming keyboards which we have mentioned above are not only related to Fortnite, you can play any other game with them too.