5 Best Mattress For Side and Back Sleepers: No More Pain!

best mattress for side and back sleepers

The 5 Best Mattress for Side and Back Sleepers

Say Good Bye to Back, Lower Back, Hip, Shoulder & Neck Pain

Check out our review article “5 best mattress for side and back sleepers” and find the best suited product for your need.

If you can withstand the back, lower back, shoulders, hip or neck pain,This is a great opportunity to wake up to the benefits of consistent, high-quality mattress foam.

According to the National Institutes of Health, more than 80% of Americans feel the misery of severe back pain anywhere in their lives.

The causes of back pain are many, such as sprains, unbalanced loads, accidents and degeneration of the spine.

There are other standard problems that contribute to misery, like hours of sitting, lack of work out, poor position, genetics and repetitive workplace motion.

A good mattress or topper does not completely cure the bad back but, it goes far in helping relive the hip and back pain, because, it gives proper support, alignment of the spine, and relief of pressure points. That’s what helps persistent upper and lower back pain, and also shoulder and neck pain.

Fortunately, we are here to help. We have made the assessment for and put together the best mattresses for side and back sleepers to calm their pains.

Check our our 5 best budget mattresses, Our Review went cheap to expensive and list the best mattresses for the money!

The 5 Best Mattresses for Side & Back Sleepers – No More Pressure Points Pain

Nod by Tuft & Needle Memory Foam – Best Budget

best mattress for side and back sleepers

They created Nod foams to be a very comfortable mattresses that works for everyone.Tuft & Needle started to shake the mattress industry in 2012. They wanted to turn the target of the mega corp to the customer by creating amazing high quality products with rightly honest pricing.

To consider the customer’s perfect night sleep, They started building their mattresses to be strong, breathable, supportive, and above all accessible.


  • Memory foam material
  • Available sizes, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • Sensitive foam, sleep coolers and more support and sensitivity than outdated memory and latex foams
  • Certi-PUR-US Certified
  • Risk free 10 Year Limited Warranty
  • Has all the advantages of latex and memory foams without sinking and hot sleep disadvantages
  • Perfect balance of soft and firm
  • Stable bounce so your partner’s sleep would not get disturbed


  • Need to wait up to 72 hours for the mattress to completely expand and odor disappearance
  • No edge support

Sweetnight Gel Memory Foam – Best Comfort

best mattress for side sleepers

SweetNight Gel-infused memory foam slowly adjusts to your weight and temperature for sleep cooling and pressure relief.

Sweet night Queen mattress improves sleep quality, provides optimal cool and better deep sleep at perfect temperature.

This mattress comes with 10 years warranty, over 96% of the customers keep their Sweetnight Queen Size Spring Hybrid mattress and refer it to others too.

As we all know, Sleep is extremely important for every person, so, we make sure that, our customers will get a perfect night sleep and wake up fresh with this durable memory foam.

Gel memory foam’s layer slowly adjusts to body mass weight and temperature, it has high density with airflow design to dissipate the heat, it not only cure back, lower back, hip, shoulder and neck pain but it is very suitable for hot sleepers.

SweetNight made of tough steel separate durable coils for ultimate support, reducing the sense of movement, good back support and alignment.

Its hybrid design combines individual wrapped spiral support with thick comfort foam, so the sleepers get balanced firm support and cloud-like comfort.


  • Gel Infused Hybrid Material
  • Available sizes, Full, Queen, King
  • Body-friendly gel layers
  • Dissipates heat while you sleep
  • Hybrid design gives spiral support
  • 24/7 email support


  • Sweetnight mattress has medium firmness but for some people it is more firm than other mattresses
  • Allow the mattress to expand within 72 hours

NECTAR Gel Memory Foam – Forever Warranty

best mattress for back sleepers

Nectar is the fastest growing mattress brand in the United States.

Whether, you are a side sleeper, back sleeper or a stomach sleeper, Nectar will serve you conveniently because it is designed for every type of sleeper.

Two layers of this gel memory foam circulate air, distribute weight and provides relief to your body.

Nectar’s cooling cover with “Tencel” is moisture-wicking, super breathable and softer than standard cotton covers.

No worries if you are a back, side or front sleeper, nectar molds to your body and provides ultimate support.


  • Gel memory foam material
  • Available sizes, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • 2 Premium pillows included
  • 180 night trial is being given, You can return within 3 months
  • Nectar gives longest warranty as long as you own the mattress
  • Proper comfort and firmness, breathable and cool for hot sleepers
  • No more pains, like back pain, lower back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain and neck pain etc, because nectar molds with respect to your body and provides relief to all aches and pains
  • Even on those 90° nights of summer, Nectar keeps cool, gently regulating heat for an ideal temperature all night long
  • Provides relief to body pressure points


  • For some people it is bit more firm

Layla Copper Infused Memory Foam  – Editor’s Choice

best mattress for side and back sleepers with lower back pain

Layla sleep copper infused mattress is more than a memory foam mattress.

You will definitely feel better if you sleep better, To make you more energetic The Layla copper infused memory foam mattress is designed to bring out the best in all of us.

It is a flip able mattress to give you two options, It is soft from one side and firm to the other side.

You can put it in any side you want.


  • Copper infused memory foam material
  • Available sized, Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King, California King
  • Flip able mattress
  • Two free pillows
  • Copper infused memory foam has a cooling system which provides cooler sleep and variable support which is great for all type of sleepers like, side sleepers, back sleepers, front or stomach sleepers etc.
  • You can flip it for comfort, it is a moderate soft on one side and firm on the other so the customer would get two firmness levels in one mattress
  • Thermogel infused cover for providing excellent heat dissipation and cool night sleep
  • Hassle free return if you don’t like Layla memory foam mattress


  • Odor will go in few days

Casper Hybrid Mattress – Best Overall

best mattress for side sleepers with back pain

Casper is famous to develop in-house products, Their award winning research and development team designed 3 layers of premium hybrid foam mattress that provides full night comfort and the springs supplied lift and airflow.

The Zoned Support™ system gives support and align your spine from head to toe, it is softer under shoulder and firmer around lower back, hips and waist.

Perforated breathable top layer of foam increases airflow and circulates air which dissipates heat and keep you cool all night.

The Casper foam mattress relieve pains from your body, it is also very suitable for tall and heavy adults and the firmer border gives edge support to help you get in & out of the bed easily.


  • Hybrid Foam material
  • Available sized, Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King, California King
  • 3 zones (Zoned Support™) of targeted support for proper spinal alignment
  • Softer foam provides relief around the shoulders and support to the upper body
  • Firmer foam keeps align your spine under the hips, waist, and lower back
  • AirScape™ breathable foam layer increases airflow and circulates air, best for hot sleepers.


  • The foam is not extra ordinary dense

What Makes a Mattress Good for Side Sleeping?


Mattress Type and Materials

The type of new mattress you choose can have a huge effect on how well you sleep. Most mattresses you will find are either latex, memory foam, or innerspring.

You can also like hybrid mattresses, which are made of a combination of two or more of these materials.

Pressure Relief

The best mattresses for side sleepers provide excellent pressure relief.

Look for options that mattress reviews say target your pressure points and ease hip pain, shoulder pain, and lower back pain. Memory foam mattresses are often great choices for pressure relief.

Mattress Firmness

Different mattresses have different firmness levels. Your ideal firmness level will depend on your sleep position, pain relief needs, and personal preferences. A mattress with medium firmness is a good fit for back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and combination sleepers. Side sleepers, on the other hand, tend to sleep more comfortably on medium-soft beds.

Choosing the Best Mattress for Side Sleeping

Aside from factors like mattress materials, pressure relief support, and firmness level, you’ll want to consider the price and delivery options that come with purchasing a mattress for side sleeping.

Sleeper Compatibility – Get a Better Night of Sleep

As a side sleeper, you want to make sure that the mattress bed has the right firmness. If it’s too firm, your body will not properly sink in, resulting in your spine being misaligned, You must consider sleeper compatibility to get a better night sleep.

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