5 Best Smartwatch for Construction Workers 2020: Tough & Durable

best smartwatch for construction workers


Tough Rugged and Tactical Watch Review for Construction Enthusiasts and Outdoor Lovers 2020 Updated

Why a best smartwatch for construction workers is necessary?

If you are a construction worker, you need to perform heavy tasks on construction sites. Only you can better understand the seriousness of your work.

We understand that, if you are preparing construction land, digging ditches, or placing reinforcements,  It is impossible to keep check on your mobile phone for every call or message.

Your life may become easier if you have a smartwatch, rather say, a tough durable smartwatch, which is suitable for construction worker.

For a heavy machinery operator, who works with pneumatic hammers, planers, cement mixers, and heavy mechanical devices on daily basis, only Tough rugged smartwatches can work well.

Here is the list of 5 best smartwatch for construction workers 2020 Updated

Garmin Instinct: Most Famous Economical Military Grade Smartwatch

The Garmin Instinct, rugged and reliable outdoor GPS smartwatch, is built to the United States military grade 810G for thermal resistance, shock and water (100 meters).

The case of fiber reinforced polymer with greater strength and durability, and the chemically reinforced, scratch-resistant screen is high enough contrast to read in the sunlight.

Moreover, a fully ventilated silicone bands include two independent and removable guard loops to ensure a secure fit that prevents you from getting caught in things.

Garmin instinct is an affordable outdoor smartwatch that works best for both health and sports activities.

It is more than just a fitness tracker, It covers all the major health metrics such as sleep monitoring, step counting, scales, calorie consumption and more.

This military grade waterproof smartwatch phone can become your companion in swimming and other normal water sports due to its 100 meters water resistant quality, but if you would like to do surfing or kitesurfing then, The “Garmin Instinct Solar – Surf Edition” is the best smartwatch for surfing.

This cool smartwatch has 25 different activities that you can monitor.

You can use it to keep track of the three main activities, i.e. running, cycling and swimming and as well as less common activities like, SUP, rowing and stairs.

In addition, its Activity detection is superbly accurate.

In smartwatch mode, the battery life will run up to 14 days, In GPS mode, battery will run around 16 hours, and in UltraTrac battery saver mode, it would take 40 hours to get discharged. mode

The capabilities of GPS satellite networks, GLONASS and Galileo have more challenging environments than GPS alone.

In Garmin Instinct smartwatch, the builtin 3-axis compass and the barometric Altimeter help you maintain your supports.

The GPS instinct watch monitors the speed, activity and stress of the heart throughout the day.


  • Glonass and Galileo
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • 3-axis compass
  • Low resolution display
  • No third-party apps


  • None

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that Garmin Instinct is the best adventure outdoor smartwatch in reasonable price.

It deserves place in the list of best smartwatch for construction workers because it is one of the best rugged smartwatch for tough conditions.

Above all, Garmin Instinct is the most selling watch in our website (worldtour.me)

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch (46mm): One of The Best Durable Watches for Construction Workers!

best smartwatch for construction workers

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch took its place in the list of best smartwatch for construction worker.

It is one of the best looking smartwatch as it has gone for the classic “Analog Style” and has the double advantage of simplicity and esteem which many guys love.

Its a big circular smartwatch with a mostly metal body, pronounced lugs, changeable wristbands and two side buttons.

The Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch is 46 meters deep waterproof, has 4GB internal storage and can be paired easily with iOS and Android Smartphones.

In Samsung Galaxy watch, The color scheme is black and silver on the frame and has changeable wristband.

As for the fitness features, the samsung galaxy smartwatch will allow you to track all of your activity, workouts, and exercise via its GPS-backed apps.

You can go running, swimming, or lift weights and can see the stats such as, your pace, calories burned, speed, and everything else which is tracked by the smartwatch.

In this sporty watch, A waterproof smartwatch phone will also allow you to make sure you are really pushing your body to extremes  to get your fitness levels up.

A sleep tracker watch will also monitor how long and well you sleep each night.

Another feature that makes samsung galaxy smartwatch stand out is, the fact that it can be charged wirelessly while you are wearing it.

If you are a Samsung user, you can expect top quality from them for anything you buy, but usually, at a fairly premium price, the Galaxy Watch is no different in either regard.

So, if you want only the best and willing to pay for it, this is definitely a smartwatch that you should consider buying.


  • Wireless charging
  • Accurate activity and sleep tracking
  • 4GB internal storage


  • A little expensive watch

Final Verdict

Samsung watch comes in the list of durable watches for construction workers because, Anything from Samsung generally comes with a cutting edge image and this is exactly what you get from the Galaxy watch.

Specs-wise this outperforms most of the other smartwatches and the quality of build in terms of being scratch and water proof make this an excellent choice if you are after a best tough smartwatch for construction and other rugged jobs.

TicWatch Pro 4G LTE Watch: Affordable Tough Smartwatch With Beauty & Durability

best rugged smartwatch for construction workers

The TicWatch Pro 4G watch has no revolutionary breakthrough. But, rather, it is responding to the demand for greater mobility, that’s why it is present in the queue of best smartwatch for construction workers.

For those who leave their phones behind when they go to meetings, or simply want to take their smart watch with them while they play sports without bringing the phone, it is certainly an added value.

We are sure, you will not take your smart phone inside the pool, even though, if it is waterproof.

But, IP68 certified, Ticwatch Pro 4G watch would be your companion in the pool while doing your laps!

In this watch, A homonymous 4G / LTE builtin modem, Greater durability in water with IP68 water and dust resistance rating (This means immersion of up to 1 meter)


  • 4G internet connectivity
  • Unique dual-display technology
  • Two-day battery life
  • Cellular connectivity
  • Accurate fitness and heart-rate tracking capabilities
  • IP68 (swimming pool suitable)
  • NFC (You can pay with “Google Pay”)
  • GPS
  • 1GB Ram/4Gb Storage
  • Long Battery Life 1-5 days (in different battery modes)


  • Masculine design (Girls get disappointed 😥 )
  • 4G LTE is limited to Verizon

Final Verdict

The Tic Watch Pro 4G watch has a list of impressive benefits, It offers excellent and competitive variety of features at a price that is difficult to believe when compare with rivals.

Here, You can also check updated version of Ticwatch Pro 2020.

Fossil Gen 5 Smart Watch: Stunningly Looking Best Rugged Smartwatch

best tough smartwatch for construction workers

The Gen 5 Fossil Smart Watch is the best Wear OS device on the market today.

Interestingly, Fossil Gen 5 watch provides same user experience and features which some smartwatches provide in thousand dollars range.

Fossil Gen 5’s smartwatch biggest benefit is, its Long Lasting Battery which runs up to 5 days.

There are four different battery modes, such as, daily, extended, custom, and time.

When the battery is low, “Custom” mode would turn off certain functions like WiFi and tilt positioning etc.

The 1.28-inch dial has a circular display with a resolution of up to 328 pixels per inch.

The touch screen is very sensitive, and the display content is very bright for both indoors and outdoors.

The Gen5 watch includes accelerometers, altimeters, ambient light sensors, GPS, gyroscopes, heart rate monitors and NFC.

The Fossil Gen 5 watch is equipped with Qualcomm’s new Wear3100 processor and it is very smooth when using the app and scrolling through the menu bar.

This watch comes with Google Fit and Fit Workout.

In fossil gen 5 watch, the ECG application provides more insight into the causes of the heart rate increasing, but also help to identify potential sleep apnea, atrial fibrillation, diabetes and other symptoms of diseases.


  • SPo2 Sensor (which measures oxygen saturation in the blood)
  • Fitness Tracking
  • Sleep Tracking
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • GPS
  • NFC (You can PAY with your smartwatch)
  • Long lasting battery for 2-5 days (In different battery modes)


  • Not suitable for thin wrists

Final Verdict

If you want a super smart, beautiful, tough, and full of features smartwatch, then, Fossil Gen 5 watch is a best match for you.

Amazefit Verge Lite Watch: Rugged and Durable Outdoor Smartwatch

waterproof smart watch phone

The Chinese Huami Corporation specializes in intelligent smartwatch wearable technology.

At the core of Huami’s mobile apps, MiFit and Amazfit, is a database of multidimensional user data, including heart rate, electrocardiograph, weight & body fat composition, GPS track, steps and sleep duration etc.

Since 2013, Huami has been collecting and analyzing activity and biometric data from users to return meaningful analysis.

Huami estimated the number of registered users at 56.1 million at the end of 2017.

The name Huami is often mentioned together with Xiaomi. While Xiaomi’s fitness tapes build on Huami’s development work, the strategic cooperation agreement with Xiaomi in turn strengthens Huami’s market position.

Now, for the Amazfit Verge Lite watch, the manufacturer promises a battery life of up to 20 days.

In addition, the smart watch has its own GPS receiver, measures the pulse around the clock and is incredibly affordable.

With continuous pulse measurement, regular training recordings and typical functions such as the retrieval of weather information and notifications, you can rely on it for two weeks.

Personal fitness goals can be set via app easily, Phone calls and message notifications arrive on the watch seamlessly.

The fiber glass and reinforced poly-carbonate enclosure is IP68 certified and can withstand a 30 minute immersion at depths of up to 1.5m without damage.

However, the instruction manual states that the watch is not suitable for showering, swimming, underwater use, sauna use or outdoor temperatures above 40 degrees.

Warranty damage can be claimed for up to one year from the watch date of purchase.


  • Optical heart rate monitor
  • Triaxial accelerometer
  • Ambient light sensor
  • GPS
  • IP68 Water Proof


  • Alexa gets slow down sometimes

Final Verdict

The Amazfit Verge Lite watch is an enduring, fully-fledged Smartwatch at low price. It can be the good consideration for Amazfit brand lovers.

Due to its multi qualities, it can be a best smartwatch for constructions workers.

Does a construction worker really need a smartwatch and what type of work they do exactly?

Construction workers work on all construction sites, carrying out various tasks from very easy to very difficult and dangerous. Although many of the tasks require training and experience, most jobs usually require little skill and can be learned quickly.

A construction worker carries out many basic activities that require physical work on a construction site.

A construction worker usually does the following:

  • Clean and prepare construction sites by removing debris and possible dangers
  • Loading or unloading building materials for use in construction
  • Build or separate bracing, barricades, forms (molds that determine concrete forms), scaffolding and temporary structures
  • Dig a hole, fill the hole or separate the earth in preparation for construction
  • Manage or maintain equipment and machinery used in construction, such as concrete mixers
  • Help other craftsmen with their homework
  • Follow the construction plans and instructions of the people who work for them

Construction workers perform various construction-related activities during all stages of construction.

Although most are generalists, such as those who mount barricades, cones and indicators to control traffic patterns, many others specialize.

For example, those who use machinery and equipment that places cement or asphalt on the road are more likely to specialize in these areas.

Construction workers use various tools and equipment. Some simple tools, such as brooms and shovels, other equipment is more sophisticated, such as pavements, jackhammer, destroyers and survey equipment.

With specific training, workers can help transport and use explosives or run hydraulic drilling machines to dig tunnels.

The construction workers could learn to use laser beam equipment to position tubes and use computers to control robotic tube cutters. They can be certified to remove asbestos, lead or chemicals.

Construction workers assist craftsmen, such as electricians and carpenters, with a variety of basic tasks.

They can carry tools and materials or help organize equipment. For example, they can work with concrete masons to move and arrange shapes. Others can help by separating the equipment, cleaning the place and eliminating the garbage.

For protection and prevention, construction workers wear hard hats, construction boots, protective gloves, tough grade clothing, and other necessary safety equipment.

But, When it comes to watches, a watch is often overlooked as a useful tool at work.

The ideal smartwatch must be made to stand up to work like other tools used on the job site. It must be practical, tough and built to last a long time, which can help construction worker to perform their work smartly.

If you are a construction worker and looking for the ideal smartwatch, then there are many important facts to take into account

As a result, if your job is at a high location, in a metropolitan region, or in a distant region, you ought to bear these in mind.


This is vital since you’re able to operate in a new place with distinct air pressure. This will let you be aware of the degree of strain in a specific area at a specified time. With fantastic accuracy, the smartwatch can fix its screen ratio anytime in line with this change in atmospheric pressure.


For construction workers, who are working on a brand new website or a remote website, they will find these features very helpful. Some versions have a digital compass for simple reading. Others could get an analog text that offers precise instructions in all four directions.


With the support of Altimer set up, it is going to supply users with information regarding their precise elevation from sea level yards. This elevation may be measured in feet and meters, which makes it simple to read.

Heart rate monitor

Because there are lots of dangerous dangers in the job that could change the bodily well-being, realizing your heartbeat is vital since it will help determine when to break or visit a physician in the worst case.

Be aware that not all structure smartwatches have this attribute, but provided the job line, this attribute will be acceptable for this in the long term.


Considering that the size of any place and the weather conditions, this is a superb aspect to think about. The smartwatch with cayenne purpose is lasting even when used in environments with heavy rain. Furthermore, with this attribute, you are able to dive under heavy water without damaging the opinion.


The style of this watch which matches your outfit is also quite important. However, based upon your style, you need to pick the smartwatch along with your laundry.

Smartwatches have analog or digital readings. Some include low-light screens which may be very tricky to read.


Using a watch with a metal necklace can be quite annoying once you workout.

As per our recommendation, all above mentioned 5 best smartwatch for construction workers are incredible and can work in hard conditions.

All discussed tough durable watches for construction workers work with both iOS and Android seamlessly.

You can choose any watch as per your choice.

You can have a look of some other watches from other website.