Best Smartwatch for Nurses Review and Comparison

This best smartwatch for nurses review is for both male and female nurses.

From a nursing point of view, We have talked about in detail that why a smartwatch is necessary for nurses.

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Can a smartwatch make a nurse’s life easier or is it just a fashionable colorful wrist band which cannot do anything special??

Well, we are going to compare and write a detailed review about 5 Best Smartwatch for Nurses from a nursing standpoint!

Fit Bit Versa: Best Fitbit  For Nursebest smartwatch for nurses - fitbit versa

If  you are looking for an activity tracker that accumulates great data, has great battery life, very durable, and will help keep you more health accountable then let us introduce the Fitbit Versa.

The Fit bit versa is one of the best smartwatch for nurses an the best activity trackers in the current market that can help you find your workout activities and health status.

It comes in a variety of different colors, for females peach, rose gold and purple colors are most suited.

Fit bit versa face is roughly 4cm x 4cm, this is one of the thinnest smart watches on the market at the moment, it is just over 1cm thick which also makes it quite light, it is only 38 grams, so you barely feel it on your wrist and it is super comfortable.

It has a full color LCD touchscreen display. The front screen is made up of Gorilla Glass 3 which helps protect against scratches, dings & drops and it is also water resistant for up to 50 meters.

Something you can really enjoy about the Versa is that you can change the watch straps if you want, If you get the special edition Fitbit Versa, it comes with the strap in two sizes.

The Fitbit Versa is first and foremost a fitness tracker you can easily access the exercise mode by simply swiping left or just by simply clicking the top right hand button.

Your exercise menu opens straight away from there you can of course then choose the exercise you’re about to start and it will begin tracking you.

Another great feature when talking about the fitness side of the watch is the coach feature.

If you select the “coach”, it will ask workout you’d like to do and then it actually coaches you through the workout.

It counts the time down as you are doing it, tells you when to switch to the next exercise, shows you how to do the exercise, it’s literally like having a coach on your wrist.

The notifications are also built-in, so you can receive Whatsapp messages, emails and phone calls.

Fitbit Versa also has a heart rate monitor, an amazing 24/7 heart rates tracking, so any time of the day. When you look down at your watch you can see your heart rate.

However, if you chose a clock face that doesn’t show your heart rates you can always just swipe up and at the end of the menu you will see your heart rate instantly.

This fantastic Smart Watch has another incredible feature, the feature is “Relaxed”, this feature tells you to do “breathing exercise” and it will actually track your heart rate while you are breathing.

It is really super simple to follow you can either choose two minutes or five minutes, but it is such an amazing way to get rid of anxiety or just to calm down in the moment before bed.

Another fantastic feature is “sleep tracking” and you will get obsessed with this.

If you wear it when you go to bed but as we mentioned in the beginning, fit bit versa is very lightweight and you barely feel it on the wrist, so it’s not uncomfortable to sleep with at all.

While you are sleeping, it measures your movements, it measures your heart rate and do somewhat medical calculations and provide you a whole breakdown of how you slept that night, how much REM sleep and how much light sleep etc.

Every morning when you wake up, You can literally see all the stats on the app.

As for “battery” you get roughly four days of charge depending on obviously how much you use your watch. Generally, its battery runs for 3-4 days, which is great.

You can store up to 300 songs on your watch and you can also install really cool apps via the Fitbit app. Easily secured 2nd position in the queue of best smartwatch for nurses, due to its beauty and super cool features. 


  • Design and lightness
  • Intuitive use
  • Readability in full light
  • Quality of sleep assessment
  • Water resistance up to 50 m
  • Good Autonomy
  • New web interface


  • No GPS


Dimensions 10.1 x 1.6 x 0.4 inches
Weight 1.28 ounces
Battery 1 Lithium Polymer battery
Water Resistant Up to 50 m
Touch Screen Yes
Gorilla Glass Yes

Fitbit Blaze Top Suited for Nurses and Professionals

best smartwatch for nurses - fitbit blaze

Fitbit blaze secured 3rd place in the list of best smartwatch for nurses.

As both an activity tracker and a connected watch, the Fitbit Blaze offers more functionality than a simple tracker and allows the company to remain a market leader and attract new users.

This model will accompany you in your running sessions but also muscle building.

The Fitbit Blaze measures both physical activity and sleep.

This fitness watch works with a free application and workable with smartphones (Android, iOs and Windows) by retrieving and synthesizing synchronized information.

You will be able to see your daily performance and progress over time.

As in the case of activity tracker, the Fitbit Blaze counts the number of steps, measures the heart rate, evaluates calories burned, indicates the number of stairs mounted and analyzes the quality of sleep.

It is sad that “GPS” is not included since it would allow to check the distances traveled.

With the Fitbit Blaze watch, you can choose the type of activity or exercise, for example,Running, cycling, weight lifting, treadmill, elliptical and training.

In addition, if you want to split, you can also set a stopwatch, countdown timer, or alarm to know when to move.

You can indicate a personalized food program to even track the calories eaten and see what you need to eliminate during the day.

Finally, if your friends also have a Fitbit product, you can add them and you can help and motivate yourself by comparing their results and exchanging training programs.

Thanks to the buttons on the sides of the watch, you can easily consult your notifications or change music during your session, This is great because since it is not currently offered by competitors.

Bluetooth is required for smartphone notifications to be received on your wristband, and it works the same way for playing music. So you can receive your SMS, calls, emails and notifications from your social platforms on your watch.

Just be careful to reach or turn on the Bluetooth when necessary because it consumes a lot of battery.

Via Bluetooth, also sync data to the Fitstar Health app.

With the FitStar menu, you can perform a series of pre-programmed exercises, whether for warm-up, muscle strengthening (abs, pumps) or a running session.

The plus of this application, especially for people who want to get back in good physical condition, is that animations present exercises and movements to achieve. 


  • Touchscreen color and high resolution
  • Guided and personalized breathing exercises
  • Presentation of the physical exercises on the screen


  • No GPS
  • Step counter is not always accurate enough (+/- 5%)


Dimension N / A – depending on the size chosen
Screen resolution 240 × 180 pixels
Touch screen Yes
Calorie Counter Yes
Autonomy Up to 4-5 days
Waterproof No
Weight 44 grams
Sensor Optical cardio sensor (consisting of 2 LED’s & 1 Sensor)
Music Yes
Power Supply Lithium polymer, Usb charging cable

Samsung Gear 2 Sport – Famous Watches for Nurses

best smartwatch for nurses - samsung gear 2 sport

The Samsung Gear S2 Sport, a sportier version of the Samsung Gear S2 will appeal to sportsmen or people who are fitness freak.

Unlike the Samsung Gear S, this model has more pleasant format and harmonious curves, allowing this new Samsung gear s2 sports smartwatch to fit better in the category of “watches” rather than only a “connected object”.

The Samsung Gear S2 Sport is one of the best smartwatch or nurses and has a more discreet and elegant design that allows it to be used in everyday life as a classic watch, and then to enjoy its features for connected and sports use.

In addition, the very bright and readable screen allows use during the effort.

The screen is of the Super Amoled type, which means that it offers infinite contrast.

Moreover, the resolution of 360 pixels in diameter, a density greater than 300 dots per inch, assures a reading quality higher than normal.

The innovation in this model lies in the presence of a rotary dial, especially since this is the first time this tool is used. Thus, it is no longer just a matter of using a touch screen to access the features, but to combine it with a rotation to access notifications or apps, and buttons for other actions.

This new model has a heart rate sensor, located in the center of the object. So you can track your heart rate and record this data so you can treat it after your exercise sessions.

This product is equipped with a GPS (3G version or connected to the phone on this version) .

In addition, it is not only possible to access the position but also to zoom in and out on the screen.

Calendar, Weather, Music player, Pulse measurement, S Voice and shortcuts to S Health data etc, all features are available on this model.

The version of Tizen, adapted to circular screens and the use of a rotary dial, remains a bit messy and the grip is not always easy. However, the interface remains fluid and efficient with the feel of a SmartWatch.

Tizen is used as an alternative to Android Wear, rewarding the user for more interaction with the watch. Thus smart notifications are better arranged and received in a more natural way, as noticed during our test of the Samsung Gear S2 Sport.

In addition, more actions are accessible from the watch, such as displaying a full keyboard to send a message, rather than going to smartphone.

It remains only the environment of this system to diversify and it can compete with that of Apple Watch and Android Wear.

With its induction charging system, charging the Samsung Gear S2 sport is even simpler, once placed on its base, it recharges wirelessly easily and can reach a range of 2 to 3 days.

This best smartwatch for nurses featuring the S Health wellness app, the Samsung Gear S2 Sport will be your allied fitness watch, So your watch encourages you to stay active by tracking your daily activity level, your heart rate, and your water and caffeine intake.


  • Elegant design
  • Connectivity with Samsung and 3G smartphones through an e-SIM card
  • Easy setting
  • S Health: a sports coach
  • Possible to download of apps from Playstore


  • Tizen version not adapted and giving an overloaded appearance on the screen


Dimension 39.9 x 43.6 x 11.4 mm
Screen Resolution 2 inches
Touch Screen Yes
Calorie Counter Yes
Autonomy 24 Hours
Waterproof Yes
Weight 42 Grams
Sensor Gps, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Barometer, Heart Sensor and Qualcom
Music  Yes
Power Supply Lithium Ion – 250 mAh battery

Garmin Forerunner 235 – A Nurse’s Watch

best smartwatch for nurses - garming forerunner 235

There is no wonder that Garmin’s Forerunner 235 is present in the list of the best smartwatch for nurses.

To succeed the Forerunner 25 and 225, Garmin has bet on a larger fitness watch, a little more rough and tough but especially enriched by new features that will satisfy the addicts of the brand.

Although not equipped with a touch screen, the 5 buttons of the watch will help you to set it up easily and without fuss. 

The Forerunner 235‘s minimal, yet fast, interface makes it easy to get started with this fitness watch. In addition, everything is legible on the screen, whether you are doing a race session or a bike ride.

On this model, it is possible to display up to 4 information and you can choose between the data, i.e., pace, lap time, chrono, distance, etc.

Nice slight vibrations felt when you travel a selected distance, make a lap, depending on the customization you have saved beforehand.

Use the free Garmin Face It app to personalize the dial with any photo available on your smartphone.

On the Connect IQ, many applications, widgets and dials are available and allow you to access maps, weather information, etc.

By default, the Forerunner 235 also includes a calendar, a notification system that gives you the ability to read your SMS, see your calls or view the various information to which you are subscribed, and for those who do not like to be bothered by a message during the exercise or work, it is possible to block notifications automatically during activity.

An optical sensor measures the wrist heart rate, which allows running without a heart rate monitor belt. When the watch is well fitted to the wrist, we can see that the results are very similar to those obtained with a torso belt.

Plus, a color gauge lets you see where your heart rate zone is located and tells you your heartbeat rhythm in real time.

However, the watch is less reactive during split exercises or when variations are fast but this is minimal.

Thanks to GPS and GLONASS chip, you do not need to take your smartphone. 

During the indoor race, the accelerometer starts and offers estimates rather similar to those obtained with a smartphone.

Your goals, sessions and training plans can be downloaded to Garmin Connect and saved to your watch.

Data fields, widgets and applications are also available for free on Connect IQ.

Despite the aforementioned absences, the Forerunner 235 watch offers a wide range of enhanced features through access to Garmin Connect, or any data collected by the watch, such as daily activity tracking, badges, schedule your challenges and your sports contacts, will be available.

In addition, programs and settings between the Garmin Connect website and the watch can be synchronized via software installed on your computer or via the Garmin Connect app. The more time you invest in Garmin Connect, the more opportunities you will see.


  • Very easy use and real-time wrist notifications
  • Access to Garmin Connect
  • No need for your smartphone thanks to GPS and GLONASS, quite accurate
  • Activity Sensor: Filled functions.
  • Customizable workouts


  • Non-touch screen
  • No adjustment for stride length
  • Watch not multisport and not adapted to swimming


Dimension 0.45 x 0.45 x 1.17 cm
Screen Resolution 215 x 180 pixels
Touch Screen No
Calorie Counter Yes
Autonomy 15 hrs in GPS and 9 Days in Watch Mode
Water Resistant 5 ATM (50 meters)
Weight 42 gram
Sensor GPS, GLONASS, Garmin Elevate™, Wrist heart rate monitor and accelerometer 
Music Yes
Power Supply Type Battery


If you are searching a best smartwatch for nurses, you may find it difficult to decide.

We have provided above the best selection of the best smartwatch for nurses that users recommended and appreciated.