Best Wired Headset With Microphone for Cell Phone

best wired headset with microphone

Are you looking for a best wired headset with microphone for cell phone? You have come to the right place.

If you want a reliable and hands-free option, it is important to have a high quality wired headset with built-in microphone.

Unlike wireless headsets, wired headsets are less reliable with less connectivity issues. Moreover, they don’t have to pay for what you always get.

Read along with a best wired headset currently available as well as check and test points to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Some sets of cell phones are really cheap and uncomfortable and they don’t live up to their popularity. I have discovered five of the best wired headsets that you have a microphone to consider. I want you to think seriously about my recommendations, read the reviews, and put your choice on the exact headset to meet your needs.

They are all available in an affordable price range.

List of the 5 Best Wired Headset With Microphone For Cell Phone

  • DCMEKA Dynamic Hybrid Wired Earbuds
  • KZ ZSN Pro Dynamic Hybrid In Ear Earphones Detachable Tangle-Free Cable
  • KBEAR KS2 Ear Monitor With Removable Cable
  • KZ Zax Metal Headset 7BA+1DD Hybrid 16 Drivers HiFi Bass Earbuds in Ear Monitor
  • MEE audio M6 PRO Musicians In-Ear Monitors Wired and Wireless Combo Pack

DCMEKA Hybrid Wired Earbuds with MMCX Detachable Cables Noise-Isolating HiFi Stereo With Microphone

Noise Isolating

Universal-fit noise-isolation monitors feature upgraded sound and build quality, you can get incredible sound quality. Experience deep bass, crystal clear treble, with real HIFI sound.

Detachable Cable With MMCX Connector

Engineered for real-world reliability with detachable, replaceable cables and a sweat-resistant design.

This allows ear watchers to easily replace the cable when  needed in the future.

You can freely change your cable by adding your own cable with bluetooth or microphone. Any cable with MMCX connections will work.


All-day comfort with secure over-the-ear fit. 3 pair of standard ear tips in different sizes for your custom fit and for extra noise reduction. With microphone, you can easily answer or end the phone while you are listening to the music.

Universal Compatibility

With a stylish design and advanced sound quality, these wired ear monitors headphones are designed for the latest generations of iPod, iPhone, and iPad. And work with  related electronics with a standard 3.5mm plug.

100% Customer Satisfaction

It is a great earphone which is used to listen classical, pop, rock, and ACG songs, electronic music, DJ and heavy metal rock music. Perfect gift for home, parties,Christmas Day , school students ,music lovers, singers etc.

We promise free Replacement or Full Refund without return for any quality issues within 12 months, we will do everything we can to make things right for you.Please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • It has great bass quality
  • Sound quality is good
  • Value for money
  • Comfortable
  • Noise cancellation ability is good
  • For working out


  • Low Plastic Material

Erjigo KZ ZSN Pro Dynamic Hybrid Dual Driver in Ear Earphones Detachable Cable With Mic

High Sound Quality

Earphone enables us to hear the subtlety of the sound. and the sound adjustment benefits DD and BA to achieve balanced, clean and detailed sound quality.

Best Design

The precision metal workmanship combined with the bright colours of resin make the overall look fashionable. It is not only a pairs of in ear headphones, but looks like an art.

Patented Dynamic Driver

The four-layer sound coil brings a strong driver, low frequency is powerful, the width of the sound stage has been increased, and the listening experience is running.

Detachable Cable

The drain protection design protects the earbuds pins from distortion and prolongs the lifetime.

Audiophile Cable

This durable wire makes the sound transmit easily and seamlessly. The bronze cord matches the black in ear monitor, the golden cord matches the silver in ear headphone.


  • Value for money
  • Sound quality is great
  • It is comfortable
  • Noise cancellation
  • Bass quality is good


  • Not for bass lovers

KBEAR KS2 Ear Monitor Stereo Sound Removable Cable HiFi Noise Cancelling Hybrid 1BA 1DD Earphone

Translucent Resin Cavity Stylish Design

The cabinet cavity of KBEAR KS2 is made of imported high-density PC material which can well suppress the diffuse reflection of sound waves inside the cavity.

The overall sound is more warmer and more pleasing, and the soft and mellow audio performance is reproduced as the real picture. Bright steamer full of translucent resin material, beauty and technology.

1BA + 1DD 10mm Composite Diaphragm

Powerful low frequency response and transparent and mellow midrange performance, shocking sound quality.

Medium to high frequency uses custom moving iron units that can effectively improve the sound resolution with a medium frequency density balanced.

Sound is more pleasant, the high-frequency is transparent and smooth, showing richer instrument details and delicate music which performed.

Sound Quality

The mid-low frequency has rich infectant power and relaxed and natural characteristics. The mid-high frequency has nice resolution, transient and ductility.

KBEAR KS2 is equipped with a combination of BA DD through electronic frequency division processing, so that each unit can give full play to its performance and achieve accurate and delicate performance.

Reproduce the sound effects loyal to the original sound, bring charm and dynamic.

Removable Cable

4 strands of 6N OFC high-quality wires not only effectively improve the transparency, separation, sound field, making the sound bottom crystal clear, vocals and musical instruments are more beautiful and beautiful, but also reduce signal transmission lost.

Exchangeable 2PIN wire design improves the playability and a limit slot is added to extend the life of the headset.

Aluminum Alloy Nozzle

KBEAR KS2 adopts aluminium alloy nozzle, which making the mid-bass clean and smooth.


  • Sound quality is good
  • Bass quality is good
  • Noise cancelation


  • Not very powerful noice cancellation

KZ Zax Metal 7BA+1DD Hybrid HiFi Bass Earbuds Monitor Sport Noise Cancelling Earphones With Mic


Another innovation of  hybrid technology, sophisticated and complex adjustment is responsible for teaching a total of 16 sounding units on both sides, different frequency bands wide sound field and details at a glance respectively.

Bass Quality

Strong Bass Customised dynamic unit has ultra-traditional strong magnetic driving force, equipped with a 10mm large-size PEK spring diaphragm, with excellent bass diving and natural sound.

Specially developed balanced armature units, Mid frequency, high frequency, ultra high frequency four sub frequency to show the advantages of hybrid technology.


Light luxury pearl chrome plating the cast zinc alloy shine, electroplating pearl chromium technology makes it shine with pearly luster effectively prevents oxidation of the metal and is still beautiful after long-term use.

Sound Quality

The sound base of the standard high-purity silver-plated upgraded cable 100 wire core is transparent and pure, the standard high-purity oxygen-free copper silver-plated wire can effectively reduce distortion and the high ratio of 4 strand 25-core sound down the crystal clarifies.


2PIN upgrade connection design ergonomic and comfortable to wear, customised personally.

The seamless cavity designed according to the ergonomics concept fits the auricle and ear canal.It is painless and effectively isolates external noise interference.


  • Sound quality is best
  • Comfortable
  • Noise cancellation


  • Bass quality is not so good

MEE Audio M6 PRO Musicians In Ear Monitors Wired and Wireless Combo Pack

M6 PRO Wired Plus Wireless Combo Pack

M6 PRO wired + wireless combo pack includes M6 PRO in-ear monitors, stereo audio cable, and Bluetooth adapter, that lets you use your in-ear monitors with phones that lack a headphone jack and other Bluetooth audio devices.

Weather Resistant

The second generation M6 PRO in-ear monitors feature improved midrange accuracy and smoother, more natural treble than previous version and is built to last with interchangeable  cables and IPX5 sweat- and weather-resistant construction.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic earpiece design provides a comfortable and secure personal fit throughout the day with seven pairs of ear indicators, including Comply T-Series memory foam tips for additional noise isolation


  • Quality of material
  • Sound quality is best
  • Durability in the product
  • Battery life is good
  • Noise cancellation
  • For working out


  •  Bit Expensive

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