Injured Construction Worker Received Millions in Judgment

Injured Construction Worker Received Millions in Judgment

A Chinese construction worker from China received what is believed by many to be the biggest personal injury settlement for one person in Queens County Supreme Court.

The Queens Supreme Court jury unanimously granted a Chinese construction worker with a $62 million settlement for injuries sustained while working at a construction site.

Zeng Guang Lin a Chinese Construction worker sustained severe injuries while on a construction site at The Bronx for Hutch Realty Partners LLC in 2008.

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The construction worker, who was 26 years old, was afflicted with a brain injury that was traumatic along with other injuries when he fell from an overhang in the Bronx region.

Following the incident the victim brought a suit against the construction company since the business failed to provide him with the proper safety equipment while building the roofing.

Jury Verdict

In the trial, evidence from the worker’s CT scans and MRIs following the accident were used to determine the severity of the injuries sustained by the man. Additionally there were 20 witnesses testify for him that the company did not provide adequate safety equipment.

The jury unanimously found the firm responsible for injuries to the construction worker.

The jury concluded that the company was in violation of New York Labor Law by not providing workers with the safety equipment required. Additionally, the company was also found guilty of negligent conduct and the reduction of its the scope of its responsibility.

The jury handed the man $62 million, with $20 million was allocated for his past suffering and pain and $42 million was accounted for the future pain and suffering.

Furthermore, he also got an additional $60,000 to cover his prior medical bills. The jury did award the plaintiff an additional $7 million than the plaintiff was seeking at trial.

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Safety Measures While Working on Roofs

Working on roofs can be one of the most dangerous jobs at a construction site.

Therefore, it is important that the construction company responsible for the site takes all proper precautions and provides you with the necessary safety gear to perform jobs on a roof.

For example, during residential roof construction, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends employers use some of the following measures to reduce the injuries.

  • Install safety net systems to prevent contact with the surface or other structures
  • Stage materials so workers have quick and safe access;
  • Use scaffolding systems when possible
  • Use A-frame and platform ladders if the floor below has been established
  • When performing roof sheathing jobs, use a personal fall arrest system

Develop a written plan to protect workers from falls and to educate workers on the proper use of fall protection methods.

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