Phone Watches For Kids: Best Child Gift 2-12 Years Age

Phone Watches for Kids are extremely essential nowadays. Because, it is easier than ever with GPS phone smartwatches to keep an eye on the child’s location.

In this article, 5 best gps watches for kids have been reviewed.

These are not simple “watch to call parents” smartwatches, but these are a tool, that allows parents to constantly keep control over their children at any time and can contact with them immediately. 

Mandorra Q50: Gps Kids Watch For 2-6 Years Old Kids

phone watches for kids

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  • Language selection
  • SIM slot
  • Physical SOS buttons, on / off, +/- volume
  • Setracker smartphone app
  • Making calls
  • Small, lightweight, comfortable, made of safe material

Today, the Smart Baby Watch Q50 is one of the most popular models, designed for small users from 2 to 6 years.

By installing the SIM card in the watch, it becomes possible to make and receive calls.

Q50 have built-in GPS technology which allows you to continuously monitor the location of the child.

An alarm button (SOS button) is located on the case for instant calling of pre-selected three numbers during an emergency.

The special Setracker application installed on the smartphone of parents allows you to monitor the movements of the baby on the map and set the area beyond which he should not go.

If this happens, a message will be sent to the relatives’ phone with a notification of border violations.

A small owner of a Q50 watch can send the address of his location to a mom or dad’s smartphone.

This is very convenient, because, for example, going to a friend after classes, the student can not always explain where the street or the house in which he arrives is.

Or during the campaign, when the baby is behind the group, the leader can easily find in case of any mishap. GPS provides good outdoor communications.

The baby watch phone Q50 is made of food grade silicone gel, which is completely safe for a young user.

Q90 Touch Screen: Baby Smartwatch For 5-8 Years Old Kids

best phone watches for kids

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  • Wiretap
  • Hand Sensor
  • Touch screen
  • SOS alarm
  • Chat
  • Hypoallergenic material
  • Ability to replace straps

Smart Baby Watch Q90 is a smart watch for children with a phone function, and perhaps the most popular model of 2019.

It can be called a modernized follower of the Q50, which has changed in design, received a large touch screen with the ability to navigate through the menu and a number of other additional useful options for owners of 5-8 years age.

In addition, through the Setracker companion application you can not only track the location of the child, but also view the history of his movements over the course of a month.

This phone watch for your kid, with GPS and LBS positioning, allows parents to track the location of the baby on the street, and the WiFi module makes positioning even more accurate, especially indoors.

Pinchu Q360: Cute Watch to Call Parents For 4-12 Years Old Kids

best phone watches for kids with gps

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  • Camera
  • Lantern
  • Color round display
  • Change of subject
  • Settings right in the watch
  • Stopwatch
  • Arithmetic game
  • Remote monitoring via callback
  • Hand Sensor
  • Emergency call button
  • Voice chat
  • Round display
  • Camera availability
  • Built-in flashlight

This best gps watch for kids comes with an extensive selection of colors, so choosing an appropriate option according to the preferences of a young user.

There is also a slot for a NanoSIM card for accessing the Internet, so that you can control your kid with a GPS tracker through a mobile application and make phone calls.

In addition, they offer a standard set of functions for tracking child’s location and physical activity

As a rule, the Setracker program is used to operate the watch, but some suppliers and distributors customize them for their software.

9Tong: One of the Best Phone Watches For 8-12 Years Old Kids

best gps watches for kids with tracker

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  • 4G Newtwork
  • Gps
  • Wifi or LBS
  • Text Messaging
  • Phone Calls
  • Video Calls
  • Camera
  • Games
  • Waterproof
  • Flash Light

9Tong Kids Watch is no doubt one of the best phone watches for kids.

It can be the best gift you can ever give to your child.

Through this watch you will not only get a GPS location, but also include other extras such as LBS or Wifi that cause the watch to be very complete. The opinions of the parents are very good.

If you enter a sim inside, the child can call easily by pressing a key for three seconds.

That way you’ll always know if your child is in trouble or not.

Don’t forget that it includes an area system. If the child leaves the perimeter, an alert will arrive so that you go to look for him.

VTech KidiZoom DX: Without Gps Watch For 4-9 Years Old Kids

watch to call parents
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  • Digital and analog dials
  • You can take photos and videos
  • Dictaphone
  • Touch screen
  • 8 educational games
  • Timer, alarm clock, calculator
  • Waterproof

VTech KidiZoom DX Suits for primary school users and are primarily intended for entertainment and early learning.

They are not designed for GPS tracking and has no phone features.

The child watch has 8 games, more than 50 3D dials and plenty of spontaneous entertainment to keep the child busy.

So, children from 4 years old can learn simple mathematics, and those who are older than 7, 8, 9 years can use an alarm clock, stopwatch or timer for fitness classes aimed for an active and healthy lifestyle.

The built-in VTech KidiZoom DX camera offers several fun effects, filters and frames, and also has support for voice recording.

VTech KidiZoom DX children’s watch is waterproof, which allows kids not to remove it while swimming in the pool or sea, in addition, they provide protection against raindrops or sweat.


Since most parents decide to postpone the purchase of a smartphone to their children, worrying that they may lose their phone or not hear an incoming call from their pocket.

Therefore, a smart watch phone is the best choice.

In this article, We have reviewed, cheap, affordable and expensive, best phone watches for kids, Therefore, the children will never miss the moment when the parents want to contact them.

With a phone watch with gps, the family can be calm for their baby, knowing where he is, and always be warned when the child has violated a safe area or something happened to him.