Top 10 Minecraft Players in the World With Highest Youtube Subscribers


Minecraft is a digital block based construction activity in which players can create anything their imaginations can conjure up.

Minecraft has quickly become one of the most popular video games in the world, with millions of players around the globe.

To put that into perspective, there are now more people playing Minecraft than both Super Smash Bros for Wii U and Mario Kart 8 combined!

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More than 170 million people were actively playing Minecraft as of August 2022, a significant number considering the game was first released in 2009.

Because of its widespread popularity, the game now features both fan-created maps and mods, as well as dedicated servers for online multiplayer competitions.

When it comes to the players themselves, there are a number of talented people who have been able to achieve notable levels of success in the game.

They have established themselves as industry leaders by dominating competitions, competing in professional leagues, and producing breath taking works of art within the game itself.

In order to compile this list, we investigated the Minecraft subreddits with the most users, as well as the player rankings available on a number of different websites.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Minecraft Players in the World with respect to their Youtube Subscribers and gaming abilities.

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#01 Dream (29.8M Subscribers)

Clay “Dream” is noted for his speed runs in Minecraft Manhunt. Most people recognise his speed runs.

Dream has admitted to using a mod to boost Ender’s pearl drop fees during his renowned speed run.

Dream has admitted to dishonesty in one occasion, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a Minecraft prodigy.

His Minecraft Manhunt videos display his skills. His clutches had saved him from recreation death.

Despite his controversies, his strengths include quick thought, execution, and approach.

#02 PrestonPlayz (13.2 M Subscribers)

Preston Blaine Arsement is known as PrestonPlayz on YouTube. He broadcasts Among Us, Minecraft, and Fortnite.

PrestonPlayz is smart, intelligent, and well-mannered. “7 Ways to Steal Noob1234’s Diamonds-Minecraft” is his most popular
YouTube video.

As of August 2022, He has 13.2 million subscribers on his channel.

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#03 PopularMMOs (17.2 M Subscribers)

Patrick and Jennifer (Pat & Jen) run a YouTube channel “PopularMMOs” that re-creates Minecraft, 17.2 million subscribers with around 12 billion views.

Pat and Jen broke up in 2019 because they had different views on their family’s future.

They’ll still make videos together and remain musketeers.

#04 Technoblade (15M Subscribers)

Technoblade is a fearless opponent. He’s known for his PVP fighting skills, game knowledge, and strategy.

Technoblade has several notable achievements. He beat Hardcore Minecraft with a steering wheel.

He has several unbreakable Bedwards winning streaks, including being the first to win 1,000 games on Hypixel.

He won a raw player-versus-player match against Dream for $100,000.

He’s a respected and feared competitor, which speaks to his skills.

He’s as bold on the battlefield as he is in the Minecraft Championships.

Note: The 23-year-old Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade has passed away due to cancer on July 1st, 2022, his family revealed in an emotional farewell video.

#05 CaptainSparklez (11.3 M Subscribers)

In addition to being a YouTuber, digital musician, and gamer, Jordan Maron “CaptainSparklez” is a well-known name in the United States.

The most notable aspect of Jordan’s career is his participation in the videotaped reconstruction of the Minecraft game.

He has 11.3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

He is not offensive in any way, and in addition to that, he provides you with helpful advice and strategies.

Jordan is widely regarded as one of the finest players of Minecraft in the world.

#6 Fruitberries (602 K Subscribers)

Josh “Fruitberries” is a popular Canadian Minecraft YouTuber and streamer.

His perseverance in the Minecraft Championship mini game demonstrates his parkour skills.

His group won the first Minecraft Championship he was in, and he’s since controlled character and group wins.

He has several great speed-running records and held one with Illumine.

#7 Jelly (22.8M Subscribers)

Jele Van Vucht “Jelly” is a renowned Minecraft player from the United Kingdom.

Jelly has accumulated an impressive amount of experience since the game’s beta phase, making him one of the most experienced players on the server he plays on.

He uses his patience and ability to think creatively to his advantage in the game.

Jelly is the owner of the Minecraft Wiki server with the highest ranking.

He has also participated in numerous noteworthy server events, such as “The Great Battle” and “The Ancients.”
Jelly’s distinctive playing style, which he describes as “jelly-like,” has earned him widespread renown.

He has participated in some of the most successful server events in Minecraft’s history, and is known for his ability to work well with others.

In 2012, Jelly was banned from the server, but the ban was lifted in 2013.

Jelly has a reputation for being a very involved community member.

He has participated in numerous server events, including The Great Battle, The Ancient’s War, and the Great Jelly War, where he was a member of the winning team.

Not only does he stream Minecraft videos on his channel, he uploads humorous gaming narrative videos.

Jelly is a very popular YouTuber in the Netherlands.

#8 DanTDM (26.2M Subscribers)

Daniel Robert Middleton, better known on the Internet as DanTDM is a well-known Youtuber.

DanTDM was born on November 8, 1991, and is a British YouTuber and gamer known for his video game commentaries.

His online video channels have covered a wide variety of video games, some of which include Roblox, Pokémon, and Minecraft.

His channel is consistently ranked highly among other popular channels on YouTube in the United Kingdom.

He was ranked as one of the most popular YouTubers in the world in terms of viewership in the month of July in 2015.

As a result of his achievements in gaming and presenting, he has been honoured with multiple Kids’ Choice Awards and has set a Guinness World Record.

Middleton earned $16.5 million (approximately GB £11.2 million) in a single year, putting him at the top of the Forbes list of the highest-paid YouTube stars in 2017.

His YouTube channel has over 26.2 million subscribers, has had 18.6 billion video views, and has over 3,500 videos posted to it as of Aug 2022.

#09 UnspeakableGaming (11.3 M Subscribers)

Nathan (UnspeakableGaming) is a famous YouTuber.

Nathan started UnspeakableGaming in October 2012.

On November 17, 2012, he posted “Minecraft Survival Island.”

The channel’s Minecraft-related content gained popularity in early 2016.

Many of his YouTube videos gained millions of views, bringing him widespread fame.

Nathan’s funny, witty, and awesome videos attracted a large audience.

The channel’s success led him to create “Unspeakable”, where he pulls pranks on his friends, takes insane challenges, and drives crazy cars.

Then came “UnspeakablePlays”, which features Minecraft Pocket Edition videos and other amazing videos.

Nathan is friendly with many YouTubers. MooseCraft, Euclides, ItsMeCyclone, 09sharkboy, FavreMySabre etc., are among his collaborators.

Popular videos include ‘surviving with aswdfzxc in minecraft’, ‘finding aswdfzxc in minecraft’, ‘5 craziest minecraft seeds’, and ‘25 ways to kill aswdfzxcvbhgtyyn’.

Nathan launched Unspeakable on May 1, 2016, after UnspeakableGaming’s success. He posts funny videos, pranks his friends, and does crazy challenges on this channel.
Unspeakable channel has 14.2 million subscribers.

On June 25, 2017, he launched UnspeakablePlays. The channel features Minecraft, maps, pranks, challenges, gaming, and more, over 7.15 million people subscribe.

Nathan has 945K Instagram followers. He also sells shirts, hats, hoodies, and accessories on

Nathan works for Machinima, Inc., a gaming-focused video network that promotes its content on YouTube.

#10 TommyInnit (11.8 M Subscribers)

TommyInnit is a popular English YouTuber and Twitch streamer known as Thomas Simons (born April 9th, 2004).

TommyInnit started a YouTube gaming channel at age 12. ChannelNutpig was his moniker. Schoolmates bullied him for the channel’s unusual name. At 13, he renamed it Tom. He private his videos.

Later, he streamed on Twitch. Late in 2018, he started streaming on Twitch. He streamed Fortnite, PUBG, and Bed Wars Hypixel parties.

He launched TommyInnit on December 24, 2015, but started posting regularly in 2019. His first video, “Guide to Lobby Spamming,” was posted Sept. 9, 2018. He said TommyInnit was initially a “alt” for ChannelNutpig.

Tommy joined Twitch in early 2019. His early fans were Hypixel influencers.

Tommy posted Hypixel Skyblock cllips on 8/6/19. His channel went from skits to edited livestreams.

His YouTube following grew from 4,800 to 66,000 in two months, making him one of the fastest. Over 593,000 people subscribe.

TommyInnit stopped uploading Hypixel Skyblock after 3 months. Soon, he was invited to SMPEarth, an influencer-filled private SMP. TommyInnit was in Skeppy’s and AnothaSMP. He finished Season 2 of Blockworth.

Tommy is on SMP and L’Manburg’s Dream Teams. Tommy uploads his Dream Team SMP livestreams to YouTube.

Tommy ranked on Hypixel in September 2019. He often collaborates with Technoblade.

TommyInnit hacks Minecraft in some videos. He exposed Archon in a video. Tubbo, TimeDeo, Pigicial, Badlinu, Darkleonard2, and RudyInnit are Tommy’s gaming buddies.

He’s played in Minecraft championships with Teams Purple Pandas, Aqua Horses, Pink Parrots, Cyan Creepers, and Red Rabbits. Wilbur Soot, TheEret, Krinios, Sylvee, MiniMuka, Bitzel, CaptainPuffy, VoiceoverPete, Captainsparklez, and Ph1lzA are among his teammates.

Tommy owns TommyOutit and TommyVODS.

Similar to TommyInnit, TommyOutit hosts live highlights. Tommy later deleted or made private videos from Blockworth. TommyVODS contains his VODS and Twitch livestreams.

Minecraft’s Strategy and Tactics: How do you make the most out of your abilities in the game?

The video game Minecraft has garnered the affection of millions of players all over the world.

It’s a sandbox game, so you can build whatever you want, and then you have to figure out how to stay alive in it.

There are certain things that you need to work on in order to make yourself the best player in the game.

To begin, you must acquire the skills necessary to play the game competently.

The second thing you have to do is learn how to construct effectively so that you don’t end up wasting either your time or your resources.
Thirdly, in order to gain an advantage over your rivals, you will need to have strong strategic thinking skills.

The game of Minecraft is enjoyed by a large number of people, but not everyone has what it takes to become the best.

The following is a list of advice that can help you become a better Minecraft player.

First, try to keep your cool. The best players understand that they don’t always have to win right away, instead, they take their time and investigate every aspect of the game.

Second, remember to have fun! Even if you aren’t the best player in the world, you should still have fun playing Minecraft.

Third, put in some work! The more you practise your skills, regardless of whether or not you are the best player, you will get better.

Fourth, have a solid understanding of maps!

There are a lot of different paths to take to become the best player in Minecraft.

Some individuals strive to amass the greatest number of items or achieve the greatest number of difficult goals.

Others concentrate on honing their abilities in mining and various crafts.

Finding out what works for you and sticking with it is the best way to become the best player in the game.