6 Best Toughest Watches on the Planet Reviews & Buying Guide

Tough Watches on the Planet

The 6 Best Toughest Watches on the Planet World

If you have an irresistible temptation for the hard core, well made, most rugged and classic outdoor smartwatches then here, we have cherry picked 6 Toughest Watches On the Planet!

Tough watches, as the name clearly indicates, are some of the hardest watches on the planet.

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They are designed to hold as much as a rocky (or even reckless) lifestyle and not just stay intact, but to continue to work at their peak performance level.

If you’re the sort of guy who’s adventure seeking, active or just plain accident-prone, a challenging watch is definitely the lookout for you.

If you want to get a most rugged swim proof smartwatch that you can keep up in harsh conditions then don’t skip this review.

Toughest Watches With Super Durability and Style


Garmin Instinct: Most Sold and Most Famous Tough Military Grade Smartwatch

The Garmin Instinct, rugged and dependable outdoor GPS smartwatch, is built to the United States military standard 810G for thermal resistance, shock and water (100 meters).

The event of fiber reinforced polymer with greater strength and endurance, along with the chemically reinforced, scratch-resistant display is high enough contrast to read in sunlight.

Moreover, a fully ventilated silicone rings include two separate and removable guard loops to ensure a secure fit that stops you from becoming caught in things.

Garmin instinct is an economical outdoor smartwatch that works best for both sports and health activities.

It’s more than just a fitness tracker, It covers all the major health metrics like sleep monitoring, step counting, scales, calorie intake and more.

This military grade waterproof smartwatch phone can become your companion in all water sports, because, it is the best waterproof smartwatch, because of its 100 meters water resistant characteristic.

This cool smartwatch has 25 distinct activities that you are able to monitor.

You may use it to keep track of the three main activities, i.e. running, biking and swimming and also as less common activities such as, SUP, rowing and stairs.

In addition, its Activity detection is superbly precise.

In smartwatch mode, the battery life will run up to 14 days, In GPS mode, battery will run around 16 hours, and in UltraTrac battery saver mode, it might take 40 hours to be discharged.

The capacity of GPS satellite networks, GLONASS and Galileo have more competitive environments than GPS alone.

The GPS instinct see monitors the rate, activity and stress of their heart through the day.


  • Glonass and Galileo
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • 3-axis compass
  • high-resolution display
  • No third party apps


  • None

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that Garmin Instinct stands number 1 the list of toughest watches and this toughest outdoor smartwatch is available at reasonable cost.

Samsung Gear S3: Evergreen Contestant For Best Rugged Watches

swim proof smartwatch

Over the past few years, the concept of smart watches has undergone several transformations.

From a companion of a smartphone, these devices have become a separate platform for applications, and now they are gradually sorting out the functions of multi-sports watches.

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier is just the representative of a new generation of smart watches, in which traditional functionality is complemented by sports.

Let’s see how it all gets along in the compact case of the device.

At Gear S3 Frontier, Samsung continued to develop the design ideas embodied in the Gear S2 .

The new watch also has a round case, but it looks more aggressive against the background of smooth lines of the previous model.

This is achieved due to the larger dimensions, the black color of the case and the gear ring of navigation, which is located around the screen.

This style is the prerogative of the Frontier version, designed for users who lead an active lifestyle.

But in general, the watch case design turned out to be universal, it will suit both men and women, and for different clothing styles – the main thing is to choose the right strap, as well as a dial.

The Gear S3 Frontier comes with a black rubber strap as standard, however, you can use the standard 22 mm straps with the watch.

After the start of sales at Samsung, they promise to begin supplying additional straps, including models from the famous designer Arik Levy.

The Gear S3 Frontier uses a 1.3-inch Super AMOLED display covered with Corning Gorilla Glass SR+.

The screen resolution is 360×360 pixels, taking into account the diagonal, this allow user to achieve a pixel density of 278 per inch.

The picture on the display looks clear and colorful, which is typical for Super AMOLED matrices.

If you enable the option in the settings that will constantly display the image of the dial, then the Gear S3 Frontier is easy to confuse with a regular watch.

By Samsung Gear S3 model, Samsung first introduced a new interface for its smartwatch and navigation ring.

The solution is so simple and convenient that it’s even amazing how other manufacturers of smart watches have not yet come to it.

The ring around the Gear S3 Frontier screen scrolls to the right or left side and allows you to scroll through screens, lists or icons in the interface.

In addition, on the right side of the watch case there are two mechanical buttons, one is responsible for a step back, and the second for accessing the main screen, calling up the main menu, as well as turning the device on and off.

You can control the clock through the touch screen, but in many cases the navigation ring is simply more comfortable to use.

Gear S3 Frontier’s interface is built around a round screen, so its elements are positioned to maximize usable space.

This one of the top toughest watches on the planet has one of the advantages of smart watches over ordinary ones is the ability to change the dials to your taste and style.

The Gear S3 Frontier has 15 predefined dials, in addition, in the Galaxy Apps store you can download or buy additional ones.

The dials can, like just showing the time, and other information, such as the weather forecast or the number of steps taken.

The main menu of the Gear S3 Frontier is made in the form of a circle of round icons, which once again emphasizes the shape of the display.

The Gear S3 Frontier connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth via the Samsung Gear app.

For this, any model with an Android version of at least 4.4 and a RAM capacity of at least 1.5 GB is suitable.

Despite promises in the past to add support for iOS, so far this has not happened.  Given the closed ecosystem of Apple, there may never be full compatibility.

Working with notifications in Gear S3 Frontier is implemented at the same level as in Gear S2, in the Gear program you can configure which messages, updates and other information from applications you need to broadcast to your watch.

A set of pre-installed programs in Gear S3 Frontier includes a calendar, reminders, alarm clock, weather, notebook, mail, messages, gallery, world clock, baro-altimeter, S Voice, S Health, music player and phone.

The latest application allows you to use the watch as a wireless hands-free headset and make or receive calls.

The quality of the external speaker is below average, but it is enough to answer a call while driving or at home when the smartphone is in another room.

Tracking physical activity and sports is another area in which smart watches will actively develop. This is clearly visible, both on the Apple Watch Series 2 , and on the Gear S3 Frontier.

Samsung is focusing on the development of its S Health service, which has become noticeably more functional in the new watch.

To start with, the S Health features in the Gear S3 Frontier can be divided into fitness and sports.

The first includes tracking such basic physical activity as steps, the number of floors traveled, and sleep.

To this is added a periodic measurement of the pulse, as well as the amount of water and coffee drunk.

Based on this information, the clock draws a pie chart that shows the number of calories consumed by the body, as well as the time spent in sleep, in the mode of activity and rest.

Sleep is tracked automatically, for this you simply do not need to remove the watch from your hand, while they determine its effectiveness, depending on how deep you slept at night.

Thus, the user should try to get enough sleep, and during the day to sit less in one place, and walk at least 6,000 steps and 10 floors to make the S-health program in Green. If you sit in one place for an hour, the watch will begin to vibrate and warn you that it’s time to walk.

Sports features of S Health allow you to track running, cycling, elliptical, cycling, step fitness equipment, lunges, twisting, squats, abs, jumping, Pilates, yoga, rowing and other exercises.

During sports, the watch tracks the pulse, and it should be noted that the measurement accuracy is almost at the level of chest sensors.

While running on the street, you can also turn on the GPS built-in watch to monitor the distance.

The Gear S3 Frontier even has a speedometer for cycling. In general, during training, the watch tracks distance, time, pace and heart rate, saving it in S Health.

In addition, for each exercise, you can choose a goal, for example, pace, time, distance or the number of calories while running, and Gear S3 Frontier will perform the basic function of a coach, telling when it is better to accelerate and when to slow down.

In order to better understand the height to which the user rises, the Gear S3 Frontier has an altimeter working on the basis of a barometer (determines the pressure difference at different heights), which in turn also measures atmospheric pressure and tries to predict whether it will rain or not.

The altimeter takes sea level data from the AccuWeather service database, depending on the user’s location, which is determined via GPS.

The Gear S3 Frontier case is protected against ingress of water and dust according to the IP68 standard, which, unfortunately, does not allow the use of this smartwatch for water sports.

Samsung S3 is one of the best toughest watches on the planet but still, It is recommended to immerse them in water to a depth of not more than 1 meter and for a period of up to 30 minutes.

The battery built into the Gear S3 Frontier has a capacity of 380 mAh. The hours of operation of the watch very much depend on how actively they are used.

If the user watches the time, checks alerts and works with applications, then you can count on 3 days of battery life.

If you add sports to this, for example, running 40 minutes with active GPS, you will need to recharge the watch after 2 days.

In general, this is a normal result for smart watches.

The Gear S3 Frontier is charged via an induction charging dock. It takes about 2 hours to recharge from 0% to 100%.


  • IP 68 Protection against water and dust
  • GPS module
  • S Health
  • Sleep tracking
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Barometer
  • Altimeter


  • Not suitable for swimming
  • Only work with Android

Final Verdict

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier, is one of the best toughest watches in Android platform.

They have a nice design, high-quality display and perfectly complement the capabilities of the smartphone.

At the same time, a bias in sports functions allows you to use the Gear S3 Frontier, both as a replacement for a fitness bracelet and as a basic multi-sport watch.

Garmin Fenix 6: One of the Best Rugged Smartwatches

toughest watches on the planet

As Garmin’s flagship outdoor GPS watch line, the Fenix Series has always been the deserved king of Garmin watches.

The Fenix Series is standing in the list of toughest watches in the world and a favorite of many outdoor sports enthusiasts, and the new fenix released every year is undoubtedly the most anticipated by Garmin fans.

The latest model “Garmin Fenix ​​6X Pro Solar Edition” (hereinafter “Pro Solar”) of Garmin’s Fenix ​​series that seems to be at the cutting edge of such high-end models.

Fenix 6 Pro Solar is probably the perfect smartwatch for those who like heavy exercise.

This is a monster multi functional smartwatch, all kinds of sensors are packed in one product.

From accelerometers, heart rate sensors, and gyroscopes, there are everything from GPS and GLONASS positioning systems, barometers to compass and thermometers.

In addition, you can even carry cashless payments with storage that can carry up to 2000 songs and an NFC chip and it has up to 10 standard atmosphere waterproofing.

Fenix 6 presence in the list of toughest watches on the planet is not only because of its durability but its finest fitness tracking ability.

The basic measurements displayed by all fitness trackers, such as the number of steps, calories burned, and the number of floors moved during exercise, are all covered, and it seems that you can download golf and skiing maps.

The battery of Fenix 6X Pro Solar is outstanding. According to Garmin, from a full charge, Fenix 6X pro solar can be used continuously for up to 21 days and additional 3 days battery backup can be increased via solar.

Pro Solar has excellent measurement accuracy. Once you started using it, you may see that Pro Solar’s readings are rarely wrong.


  • Almost anything can be measured.
  • The battery life is surprisingly 21 days, If you use the solar power display, you can have an additional 3 days.
  • Cashless Payments (Pay via watch)


  • Expensive
  • Buttons are not easy to understand

Final Verdict

If you want a smartwatch which can do almost everything for you, then Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Solar is a great match for you.

It is the deserving watch to get its place in the list of toughest watches on the planet.

Casio Wsd F30: Super Famous Most Rugged Swim Proof Smartwatch

durable smartwatch tough casio wsd f30

Without doubt, Casio Wsd F30 is one of the toughest watches on the planet. Its a darling!

Reducing the length of a car by 4 mm does not make any significant difference, But when Casio removed it from the chassis of the WSD F20 Pro Trek Smartwatch making the WSD-F30 Pro Trek smarter!

It had a considerable impact on wearing performance and style without sacrificing any technology. Its predecessor products have not caught the attention of the general public.

Although the WSD F30 retains similar styles and functions, these changes indicate that Casio has learned from the old version and developed the new Pro Trek into a lifestyle.

The Casio WSD F30 wristband is fastened to the body with a quick-release pin that has a lot of holes on it, so it can fit on a wide range of wrists. It is very comfortable and does not sweat or itchy.

Casio Pro Trek WSD-F30 meets military standards, and it is 50 m waterproof, although, it has a microphone peak for Google Assistant. This is impressive.

The bold design of this watch is tailored for those who like the outdoor lifestyle. However, this is not practical, and the WSD-F30 is suitable for everyday wear.

There are three buttons on the right side of the body. Open the map app at the top, the middle button opens the app menu, and the buttons at the bottom activate the different sensor and toolkit features of the watch.

Each button has a unique grip mode that makes them easy to position and press.

On the left is the sensor array. Although this watch runs the latest version of the Google Wear operating system, the navigation function is only on the touch screen, and it does not have an interactive crown that can help scroll the menu.

Sporty and outdoor, but stylish and statement, this toughest watch WSD-F30 looks and feels like a watch made by an experienced watch manufacturer.

The large border provides a powerful visual key while the color is not overused and matches well with stainless steel buttons.

Smart watches that look like traditional watches are hard to find, unless you choose a hybrid, but the WSD-F30 is very cautious on this route, attracting fans of Casio, and those who want to make from real watches.

The WSD-F30 has two screens, a 1.2-inch (390 x 390) pixel OLED and a 1.2-inch monochrome LCD screen.

The idea is to have a monochrome LCD display basic information such as time, different sensor readings, and OLED functions for GPS and smart watches, all with minimal impact on the battery.

Casio has three modes, using two screens at the same time. Normal mode uses both the screen and all functions, and the battery life is about one and a half days.

Even more interesting is the extended mode, which allows the watch to work independently, display time and sensor data on a monochrome screen, and display a color map at the touch of a button.

Based on usage, an average of three days is expected. Finally, except for the sensor and time, everything is turned off in multi-clock mode and the battery lasts for 30 days.

In addition, in “battery life” mode, they have many other features. Extend is suitable for offline maps downloaded before long journeys

Navigation is simpler, notifications are more detailed, and more helpful, and Google Assistant is also in the car, providing a lot of information.

Press the button at the bottom of the watch and you will get a lot of sensor data, from altimeter, barometer to compass, all tailored for those who love outdoor sports.

If you are interested, you will find that they are beautifully presented, the animation is classic, and the amount of information is large.

Being present in the list of toughest watches on the planet, the WSD-F30, it is primarily useful for hikers or outdoor enthusiasts.

Casio’s event app tracks very specific activities, hiking, fishing, cycling, boating and snowing.

The Pro Trek is an outdoor watch, but not a fitness watch. It has Google Fit and a series of activity tracking apps, but no heart rate sensors and no fitness plans.

Google Maps offers online maps and Mapbox offers offline versions. This watch can store five map areas of about 50 kilometers.

The Pro Trek has 768MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage.

Casio did not disclose the battery capacity of the WSD-F30.

In normal mode, if there is no GPS, the battery can be filled from early morning to late night, and there is still a little remaining power.

It only takes 8 to 10 hours a day, and it will last until the next day.

Want to use Pro Trek’s special mode to increase standby time?

Switching to extended mode is not very effective for normal use because it is designed for use with outdoor timer systems.

This leaves a multi-clock mode that completely disconnects the watch, leaving only time and other basic details.

This will drive the battery for weeks, just without any intelligence. One trick is to turn off the display that is always on, because the Pro Trek’s monochrome LCD still shows time and does not affect battery life.

In general, if you want to use it continuously, you want to charge Pro Trek every day.

It uses a dedicated magnetic connector to charge, but the magnet is not very strong and it is easy to break the cable. It also takes three hours to fully charge, which is a bit ridiculous.


  • Extreme Outdoor Watch
  • Two Screens
  • Big watch but can be fit to any size of wrists
  • 50 m water resistant


  • No heart rate sensor
  • Expensive

Final Verdict

WSD-F30 is both a serious outdoor smart watch and a lifestyle product, that’s why it is present in the queue of toughest watches on the planet.

It has all the technology for adventure, and it looks good for those who are never close to the mountains.

You cannot break the Casio Pro Trek’s WSD-F30. It has a military-grade toughness rating that resists shock, vibration, humidity, low temperatures and is 50 meters waterproof. It deserves to be in the list of best toughest watches in the world!

The strap feels like it can be used to pull a jeep out of a muddy mud, and the metal and resin case doesn’t care if it falls to the ground.

Suunto Ambit 3: Most Accurate Fitness Tracker & One of the Best Toughest Watches on the Planet

best rugged smartwatch

The Suunto Ambit 3 Sport watch with HRM (Heart Rate Monitor) is an excellent smartwatch that gives you all the numeric information you need!

In Suunto’s dictionary, there is no word for “meaningless movement”.

Every step makes sense when you step on the run, make one turn on the pedal of the bike, kick once in the swim, or lift the weight once in weight training.

It’s because you can gain physical strength, speed, and experience only by accumulating each action.

Suunto thought, it was necessary to have a tool to measure all movements.

Moreover, the tool must be accurate. As a result, we arrived at one watch, but now we wanted a high versatility that could be used in any sport. The result is the Ambit 3 Sport smart watch.

By appearance, it doesn’t look as tough as other watches, but in reality, it is one of the best toughest watches on the planet.The Ambit 3 Sport is an affordable multi sport compatible item that you will want to wear everyday.

The watch accurately measures the performance of every sport, not just running and cycling, but swimming and walking.

After exercising, analyzing the values ​​recorded during training helps improve performance.

When you get a new sports gadget item, the first thing you should do is set personal information, such as information about your body shape and your sports preferences.

This task can be very cumbersome, But in Suunto Ambit 3, it is surprisingly easy.

Ambit 3 uses Bluetooth technology and can synchronize with the Movescount app downloaded to your smartphone .

If you use a USB cable, you can also connect to a computer. When the watch and app sync, you can customize almost all screen layouts and settings on the watch.

You can retrieve all the necessary information while working out, such as when the back light is turned on, the accuracy of GPS, the number of displays per sport, and the number information that is valid for you.

It is also possible to receive notifications on the watch. Your watch will let you know when you get a phone call or receive an email.

Suunto Ambit 3 app can also help you analyze your post exercise numbers. You can check the value on a big computer screen instead of a small screen.

In addition, the app can automatically export your exercise data to Strava and TrainingPeaks, so you can easily compare your performance with other athletes.

The Ambit 3 Sport as a true multisport compatible product. Whether you are swimming or cycling, you can easily record data.

Ambit 3 Sport provides you with custom data you want to know about each event, such as the pace of every 1km you run and the maximum heart rate in cycling training.

Suunto Ambit 3 Sport is also very useful as a navigation device. It has builtin compass and users found its gps very accurate.

The Suunto Smart heart rate belt, can measure your heart rate while exercising and swimming.

In addition, it has a function to convey various information such as how tired the body is and how hard the exercise is after next exercise.

Heart rate monitoring is essential to get the best results from training.

It also notifies you of excessive exercise, so you can avoid over doing during important periods, such as before the race.


  • Handle all sports activities with one measuring device.
  • Quick GPS
  • Monitors Heart Rate while swimming
  • Can be purchased with or without heart rate strap
  • Good Battery Life


  • Expensive

Final Verdict

Suunto Ambit 3 Sports is simply a gem that increases motivation.

With just one item that is simple to use, you can record and analyze the performance of any sport, whether you are riding, running, swimming or trekking and can easily share the recorded data with other athletes.

Huawei Watch GT 2: Stylish & Durable Rugged Tough Watch

one of the toughest watches in the world huawei

HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 is a smartwatch that not only displays the time but also obtains activity information (steps, heart rate, etc.), which can be used for health management and training.

You can connect to not only Huawei smartphones but also iPhones and other Android smartphones via a dedicated app.

The 46mm model uses an integrated crystal bezel, and it is named as “elite model”.

On the other hand, the 42mm model is slim and rounded with a thickness of about 9.4mm and this model is called “Elegant Model”.

The biggest feature of both models is that the processing speed is improved while realizing long-time battery operation.

The 46mm model has a typical usage pattern of about 2 weeks, 42mm model has a battery life of about 1 week, and the battery life when using GPS is about 46 hours with the 46mm model.

SoC is equipped with “Kirin A1” of Huawei original design.

As the appeal of the watch is its long battery life of 14 days, So, There is no need to worry about battery drainage.

If you use it for about 10 days and, notice that the battery is running out of 30%, recharge it, so that you can forget about charging itself.

Charging requires a dedicated adapter, but the power source connected to the adapter can use a general USB Type-C cable, so it seems that you can save your carry-on luggage when traveling.

However, if you charge it in advance, you won’t even need to carry an adapter for a trip of 2 to 3 nights.

The OS is equipped with Huawei’s original, but the acquired activity data can also be linked with Android’s Google Fit.

The display part is a complete circle and is equipped with an organic EL display. It shines brightly and can be read outdoors in the daytime.

Activity tracking allows you to measure the number of steps, calories burned, distance traveled, exercise time, and the number of steps up the stairs.

It also has a mode that displays the amount of activity of the day with a “ring” design like Apple WATCH.

Huawei GT 2 is equipped with a heart rate monitor that has come to be adopted by smart watches with relatively high performance models.

In addition, “Stress Check” is also provided as a unique feature of the HUAWEI WATCH GT2.

The stress state of the day is quantified in the range of 1 to 99, and it uses technology based on research by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Answering a “questionnaire” such as a psychological test activates the function.

Huawei GT2 is not only standing in the queue of toughest watches on the planet but its ability of recording of exercises is supported in all ways such as running, cycling, swimming, climbing. When climbing or hiking, you can record location information with the built-in GPS.

In activity measurement, you can also read out your heart rate by voice every 10 minutes.

The sleep measurement function is attached to the brand name of HUAWEI TruSleep, and the sleep state is displayed graphically.

The hidden feature is that the main unit has a fairly loud speaker. Music files transferred from smartphones can be played on the watch alone.

Playback with Bluetooth earphones is also possible.

Huawei GT 2 Smartwatch has all the functions you need, such as smartphone notifications and weather forecasts.

In particular, long battery life is an element that makes smartwatch much more convenient.

All you have to do is display the time and measure the amount of activity.


  • 14 Days Battery Life
  • Tracks Sleep Issues
  • Tracks Fitness Progress
  • Find My Phone and other hundreds of features
  • Swim Proof


  • Masculine Design

Final Verdict

Why Huawei GT 2 is present in the list of toughest watches on the planet?? Because, Huawei Watch GT 2 looks and feels very stylish. It has the ability to easily modify the surface of the dial, just to give your own personalized smartwatch.

Huawei claims the powerful battery, which is a huge win for the Huawei Watch GT 2.

Overall, this is an excellent tough smartwatch and is certainly comparable to products like Apple and Samsung.


What’s considered a Toughest Watches?


Number one condition for a tough smartwatch is, a tough watch can resist shock!

Tough watches are designed by keeping busy and sporty style men or women in mind, so they have to be durable enough to stand up to these guys lifestyle and they should be more than just durable and lasting lasting.

Usually, they use atomic timekeeping, which makes them one of the best timekeeping apparatus, which is one of the primary reasons to have a watch in the first location.

They also have additional features such as a altimeter, barometer, thermometer and more, in addition to working as radio wave receivers.

Many may also be used for driving, and that’s why they create for some of the toughest watches to the army, who may use them through exercises in addition to in the area for the ability to resist extraordinary pressure.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about batteries. Being outside in the sunlight will automatically maintain your challenging watch going.

Touch watches can be digital or analog. Which you choose is a mix of your precise requirements and personal taste, but there are excellent choices available for both types, so you will have the ability to detect the challenging watch to suit your requirements.

The principal difference between a challenging watch and a strategic watch or military-style watch is that strategic watches could have a bigger or more specific assortment of functions suited to military use requirements.

Even though a challenging watch does much if not all of what a strategic watch does, yet it is wonderful for everyday use by ordinary men and women who happened only need a super durable watch with expanded features.

To put it differently, tough watches are created for guys who want the performance and durability of a strategic watch minus the unnecessary bells and whistles.

Being that said, if you have done your research, you then know that lots of distinct companies make many distinct kinds of so-called Toughest Watches that include characteristics, durability, and cost.

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